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Texas 65-year-old woman arrested after refusing to mask up or leave Galveston bank, bodycam shows

Report: 28-Year-Old Physical Therapist Dies Two Days After Taking COVID Vaccine, Cause of Death is Unknown

‘Whitest Law Schools Rankings’ researcher calls for end to ‘excess whiteness’ in law schools

What Was In Ashli Babbitt’s Backpack When She Was Shot Dead by a Capitol Hill Police Officer Will Shock You

BREAKING: New Video Shows Men Dressed In All Black At US Capitol Bashing Windows… Then Flip Off Trump Supporters Chanting “F—k Antifa!”

“Help Has Arrived, America” – Kamala Harris Celebrates Signing of Covid Bill That Has Nothing to do With Covid as Biden Stares On (VIDEO)

Minneapolis Reaches $27 Million Settlement with George Floyd’s Family

Democrat Oregon State Senators Introduce Bill to Pay Black People $123,000 in Reparations

Minneapolis Reaches $27 Million Settlement with George Floyd’s Family

Biden signs executive order in move toward revoking rule aimed at preserving due process

‘Most Heinous Attack.’ Merrick Garland Pledges to Take on Domestic Terrorism as Attorney General

Professor Reveals List of America's 'Whitest Law Schools,' Proposes an End to Testing to Eliminate 'Excess Whiteness'