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Your Soul Mate The Straw Man - Why your soulmate does not exist

Broken Tiles Theory - Large office buildings have thousands of drop ceiling tiles on every floor. Sometimes when a repair is made a tile breaks and it becomes the focal point of the entire ceiling. Thousands of perfect tiles and the one that stands out is the one that is broken. When most (99%) of what you want or have is good, the last 1% becomes immensely important even though in the grand scheme of things it is just one small spot on the ceiling.

The following is from several profiles and discussions through online dating sites:

Woman says:

'You have all of the qualities that I want except that you will not commit to be married in the future. I choose to either get everything that I want or I can be equally happy alone.'

The obvious flawed logic with this statement right off the bat is; if you can truly be equally happy alone, then why would you ever waste your time looking for a man at all? It would be a complete waste of time if it makes no difference to you one way or the other. She (they) got part of something correct, unfortunately without realizing it. That part is that, yes, happiness is a choice. Very good. But the all or nothing game is your excuse for not taking responsibility for yourself and your own imperfections and the idea that your soul mate does not exist. You are not a perfect soulmate either and you know it. Therefore, you require someone else to be the perfect person that accepts you with all of your imperfections. Yes, the irony.

Perfect is the enemy of good

Large structures such as buildings and bridges are built with a certain amount of 'give' or 'sway' factored in to accommodate for wind, weight, etc. This is called tensile strength. If a large structure were completely rigid it would completely shatter or significantly break under stress.

Even if your soulmate existed, the slightest disruption of fairy tale euphoria would shatter this unnaturally perfect package like a Fabergé egg. In other words, your soul mate has no tensile strength.

I get everything I want or I choose to be happy alone. Some of these women put themselves into these impossible situations. No sane person that I know would ever agree to this garbage. These women really don't think that it is better to get 90% of what they want, than to get nothing at all? I think this is intellectually dishonest.

You can certainly do whatever you want but some of these people are unhappy because they are doing what they are told to do by people who are causing them to be unhappy. It is very bizarre that this does not occur to some of them, but we are truly living in interesting times.

I hear intelligent people say very bizarre things sometimes and then reference their therapist as if that is supposed to mean something. I have heard critiques from top notch therapists who have abandoned the forcefully agreed upon position taken up by the professionals towing the line of psychiatric medicine say that 2/3 of therapists currently practicing are doing more harm than good to their patients. There was a movie about this called 'The Experimenter' about the experiments of real life social psychologist Stanley Milgram who learned though scientific testing that people tend to follow the direction of people who appear to be in positions of authority even if what they are being told to do seems wrong.

Don't even get me started with the women who say they want some liberal leaning douche hole and then wonder why they are unhappy. They say they want some Bernie Sanders supporting socialist... The most despicable people on the planet are white male Democrats. They literally support a party who thinks 1) They are the cause of all the world's problems. 2) THAT THEY SHOULD NOT EXIST.?! AND YOU WANT TO MATE WITH THIS PERSON? This defies all logic of propagation of the species. Even animals are smart enough to compete for survival without being told to do so. People have short memories, but Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016, literally said this to the shock and amazement of people with normally functioning brains.

So even if your soulmate existed, which he doesn't, he would be a douche bag if he met all of your unreasonable demands. So this means that you are literally choosing something that is making you unhappy both during the search for it, and deciding to search for it in the first place. Good luck stupid. Keep voting Democrat. Don't wonder why you and all of your feminist jackass friends are single. Oh and hey, good luck out there (wink).

Notes: AOC boyfriend - white. Kamala Harris husband - white. Ilhan Omar divorced her brother to marry someone else's husband - a white man.

Bald Eagles, Penguins and Geese are just a few of the animals who mate for life and don't get married. Monogamy is in the DNA of these animals. No legally binding government contracts required.

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