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You have already lost the right to defend yourself

Since the musings about tolerance and tyranny produced 'cancel culture,' and now made 'domestic terrorists' out of the previous administration's supporters, and financially and through technological means 'deplatformed him;' preventing him from communicating with us, the same way that we have been restricted throughout our daily lives since the day he was elected:

They have shut down your businesses while making you watch others burn it to the ground on TV. They are sending anti-racist educators into your schools to pollute the minds of your children. They are forcing you to work from home because the schools are closed and now they want you to know what it feels like to be them.

The orange monster has left the swamp with ghoulish undertakings of everything 'HE' did that was wrong after he was trying to drain it. He marched back to Mar A lago after he had been treated very badly by everyone - even worse by you fucking Libertarians who were too stupid to figure out that he is the CLOSEST thing that you idiots would ever be to a truly 'libertarian' candidate.

And the angry white women from the suburbs. I am almost old enough to be your much older brother. And I would not worry about too many of my friends hanging out at our house.

Devastation and destruction of national monuments. And the virus, just like the rest of us - racist as hell because it primarily targets black and brown communities said Oprah Winfrey to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot right before Oprah premiered her racist Chicago Public High School Commencement Speech in the year 2020.

Even before this, Chis Rock said the 'n-word' is racist. Right after he made an entire career out of that word and has now blackballed anyone else from using it.

To do whatever you want behind the scenes.

Like a Bad Gweneth Paltrow movie. You guess which one. If there was not a black person in it, they are going to remake it and put one in there.

I went to a modern art museum recently and I almost puked all over myself at how bad the 'art' was.

And the new poet laureate - she couldn't speak, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't read without one ounce of being 'grateful' for the people who got her there. No. Because they were us and now you are here. They are us and we are them

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