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WILL COUNTY, ILLINOIS - corrupt incompetent government

Updated: Aug 24

O'Dekirk's Biggest Campaign Donors: Mayor Raises Another $66,650

An obvious lie designed to prevent corrupt prosecutor James Galsgow from charging his friend mayor bob O'Dekirk - This isn't even remotely believable -

Letters show old rivals at odds over Joliet mayor investigation

A win for white supremacy - Mayor O'Dekirk Cleared By State Police In May 31, 2020 Scuffle

The fraud that takes place right out in the open is unbearable. Here is a story about a Joliet cop who was trying to do what he thought was the right thing in a case some people are calling the coverup of the wrongful death of Eric Lurry, a resident of Joliet, IL.

Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripped Of Police Powers_CBS2

Now read the article below and tell me how if SCOTUS ruled that it was not illegal for a cop to take money from a private citizen to illegally use government resources to 'run a plate' for somebody, that it was illegal for Javier Esqueda of Joliet to do what he did.

Supreme Court limits US hacking law in landmark CFAA ruling_YAHOO

Despite the many lies you will hearing coming from the office of the prosecutor, James Glasgow, there are piles of 'sealed' files and documents in Joliet, IL and surrounding Will County that do not seem to jive with the obviously false claims of 'transparency.'

Investigation into Joliet mayor’s run-in with protesters remains shrouded in mystery

It is nearly impossible for me to believe that in the year 2020 a white mayor can get away with attacking a black protester who appears to have been minding his own business. Now this is usually not the case. Usually (almost always, in fact), the initial portion of the video that shows the black man repeatedly goading cops, defying simple instructions and basically 'asking for it' is simply not a part of this violent attack on an innocent civilian. However, the media, the same media that usually exaggerate these claims in favor of the social justice narrative is now covering it up for some reason.


What boggles my mind is that these people were out there holding a prayer vigil in protest of the death of George Floyd and the white mayor shows up and attacks a black guy. The irony of this is apparently lost on many. The George Floyd protests continued for one straight year and still continue to this day. Where are the protests for Victor Williams?

In my opinion, what happened to Victor Williams is even worse than what happened to George Floyd. Obviously, there were extenuating circumstances that led to the death of George Floyd and the loss of any life is tragic.

Victor Williams broke no laws. Victor Williams was attacked by the mayor of Joliet, IL, Bob O'Dekirk FOR NO REASON. Then, the local media (that is entirely controlled by the politicians) manufactured a very misleading narrative in favor of the mayor. ABC7 in Chicago wrote:

Joliet mayor says he will not step down after confrontation with protester, accused of using 'excessive force'

A MAYOR is not legally authorized to use ANY 'force' for any reason including having any contact with a civilian under any circumstances. The wording of this article (with video, link above) seems to suggest that confusing allegations of assault by a mayor with police brutality would lead the reader to conclude that O'Dekirk was justified in using some sort of 'force' in the first place, when he is not, ever. This called 'assault.'

For Victor Williams, this is an example of what happens when you find yourself on the wrong side of a two-tiered justice system. This usually goes in favor of the left wing narrative, but not this time. Why is that?

How did the mayor get away with this and how did the prosecutor get away with not prosecuting him?

More misleading articles.

When you say that 'charges have yet to be filed' against the brothers who accused the mayor of 'excessive force' the narrative that is presented to the public suggests that criminals with pending charges have accused the mayor of using excessive force - just extracting those two misleading allegations from the narrative paints a picture that these two could be guilty of something when they are not. Why not file charges?

“To say that he was attacked ... the video speaks volumes,” said Evans, who said he has spoken with the man whom O’Dekirk allegedly grabbed. “The only attack that I saw was the one perpetrated against those young men.”

Pastors call on Joliet mayor to resign following viral video of protest skirmish, cite previous disciplinary action from his work as a cop years ago

Lawyer’s Claim Mayor O’Dekirk Is No Victim In Confrontation On May 31st

IMO: What is happening in the meantime is that the prosecution in Will County is waiting for these two brothers to 'screw up' as they look for something to charge them with since they do not have anything to charge them with currently. You are not supposed to be able to use a criminal matter to lean on somebody to get what you want in a civil matter, but that is also something that not only happens in Will County and is even entertained by the fraudulent court system there, it is something that government officials and legal consul in Will County have been know to do and get away with because they pseudo threaten the people they charge with bogus crimes by suggesting that they will just 'come up with something' or pick a crime from the stack of unsolved crimes laying around and just charge them with something else if they do not cop to the bogus charges in front of them. And the courts and the lawyers go along with this.

It is illegal to threaten someone with a criminal offense to influence litigation in a civil matter.

Victor Williams and Jamal Smith were obviously smart enough to seek legal consul from outside of WILL COUNTY because, after all, can you really trust a local government run by a mayor, prosecutor and cops who al engage in this type of behavior?

The names of the cops who were shown beating Victor Williams in a subsequent video from that evening have also not been named. How is that possible?

Judge delays case against brothers, investigation ongoing

It is illegal to threaten someone with a criminal offense to influence litigation in a civil matter.

'Judge delays case, investigation ongoing.' Judge delays what case? There are no charges and therefore no case to try so what is a judge delaying? What was even presented to a judge? Was it a fishing expedition to find out if the judge was going to prematurely decide a case one way or another before a trial ever even took place? Is that in itself misconduct of some kind?

These two brothers should have armed security and not leave their homes for however long this takes.

We just passed over the one year mark since this incident took place and we are no closer to finding any justice for Victor Williams and Jamal Smith. Remember, in this same time frame, the family of George Floyd is now $27 Million richer and the case against Derek Chauvin has been concluded, at least with regard to the initial charges.

What you have to ask yourself is, did Joliet mayor Bob O'Dekirk file a false police report against his victim, Victor Williams?

This article from the Times Weekly states, 'Victor Williams Jr., 23, of Lockport, and Jamal Smith, 28, of Crest Will, were charged with aggravated assault and mob action after O’Dekirk got into an altercation with the two brothers following a protest along Jefferson Street.'

Judge delays case against brothers, investigation ongoing

This must mean that Bob O'Dekirk filed a questionable and possibly false police report if he is going to take the position that he is the victim and that Victor Williams attacked him despite the video evidence to the contrary.

If O'Dekirk 'acted in self-defense' as he claims, that would mean that his on the record statements must indicate that he claimed he was attacked. Which, of course, would be filing a false police report if he had done that. Did he sign a copy of a police report indicating this? Well, we don't know because the files are sealed, the attorneys for Victor Williams have been denied access to their client's files.

Investigation into Joliet mayor’s run-in with protesters remains shrouded in mystery

Joliet mayor Bob O'Dekirk accuses Duck Dickinson of filing a false police report:

I do not know this person who goes by the name 'Duck' and I am not including this story to embarrass him. I am including this story here because there always seems to be a series of events that occur in WILL COUNTY that lead to the results desired by the select few of the elites who subvert the justice and transparency they preach.

This is a very complicated story and, like many other stories coming out of WILL COUNTY, IL, there seem to be gaping holes when trying to reconcile the veracity of any of the claims.

A series of articles seems to indicate that a member of the city council named Duck Dickinson was vaguely accused of sexting a woman by the mayor. Duck claims mayor is trying to blackmail him, goes to the police, mayor says it never happened and that Duck may have filed a false police report which has serious consequences... so go ahead and resign because you won't vote the way we want you to and in exchange we won't press charges against you and replace you with someone who will vote the way I want when it comes to matters relating to the city council.

I do not know any of this to be true, but all I am recognizing here are the sequence of events that took place. There was also an equally strange sequence of events that took place right after mayor Bob O'Dekirk attacked Victor Williams. An event which involved 'quelling the violence (IMO)' by appointing a black guy to certain position as a payoff for pacifying the righteous anger of the black community after the events involving Victor Williams.

There is quite a picture of corruption that is painted out there in WILL COUNTY, IL, if you bother to try and connect the dots.

Councilman Dickinson Accuses Mayor O’Dekirk Of Blackmail Involving Nude Photos

It is illegal to threaten someone with a criminal offense to influence litigation in a civil matter.

A bunch of charges with no evidence and a bunch of evidence with no charges.

City of Joliet finally investigates its police department one year after death of black man, 37, who had his nose pinched shut by cops for nearly two minutes while baton was shoved in his mouth_DAILYMAIL

Semaj Crosby lawsuit drags on four years after toddler’s death_WGN

Hosey: Putting a price on evidence and exoneration

Hosey: Anything can happen when it’s in Yorkville

Chicago police take Joliet police officer into custody: cops

Hosey: 4th year passes since Sema’j Crosby died

Hosey: Keeping up with the evolving story of Joliet

ABC7 Exclusive: Brian Dorian campaigns against Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow

Supporters say he's an advocate for children, domestic violence victims, and people struggling with addiction. Opponents say he's mistakenly pursued prosecution of innocent people, or that he seems more concerned with publicity than justice.

Glasgow talks about highs, lows as Will County's longtime state's attorney

Do Not Support James Glasgow For Will County State's Attorney

Mom opens up about botched police investigation into daughter’s murder

'Potential Criminal Misconduct By Police Officers From Two Different Police Departments': Filing

Sergeant Who Alleged Joliet Police Misconduct Indicted

Report reveals alarming amount of systemic police and prosecutorial misconduct_TIMESWEEKLY

Court Date For Two Men Involved In Physical Altercation With Joliet Mayor But What Are The Charges?_WJOL

Two online petitions out there to let the people judge Joliet mayor’s actions_TIMESWEEKLY

Attorneys for two brothers outline their case against Joliet Mayor Bob O'Dekirk_TIMESWEEKLY

Joliet Lawyer Joel Brown accused of groping_17GEN4

Mayor O'Dekirk, Joliet Police Sued For Actions On Night Of Riots_PATCH


Jonathan Fogelman son of Plainfield Attorney Jerry Fogelman

James Glasgow says to report election fraud to him, but did nothing when he was asked why he would not prosecute Lauren Underwood for committing election fraud.



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