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Will County prosecutor James Glasgow is a magician & an alchemist - Victor Williams, mayor O'Dekirk

Updated: Jun 23

He can make charges appear out of thin air or disappear entirely. 4 mass shootings in one week in the city of Chicago - but a mere 40 miles south on I-55 - A REAL GEORGE FLOYD STYLE CRIME took place and the 'Derek Chauvin' of the south west suburbs has been cleared of any charges and the news barely covers it. THE PATCH? This did not get any recognition in the WOKE CHICAGO MSM MEDIA???

The ISP may have cleared Bob O'Dekirk, but the people have not cleared the ISP, James Glasgow or Bob O'Dekirk. Has anybody checked on AG Kwame Raoul to see if he is still alive? It seems like he feel asleep right after the election and has not been awake since. Unlike his counterpart Keith Ellison in Minnesota who, in the span of one year, the same span of time during which this incident took place, granted a payout of $27 Million to the family of George Floyd and received a guilty conviction for Derek Chauvin.

However, an article in the Patch during the summer of 2020 states that prosecutors have 18 months to decide whether or not to file charges against Victor Williams and Jamal Smith. It has only been one year since the incident. The article says nothing about those possible pending charges which may be back on the table again. The mayor claimed 'self-defense' although in the video above, many have described O'Dekirk as the aggressor. This must mean that a police report of some kind has been filed by O'Dekirk stating that he was attacked... But attorneys for Victor WIlliams have been denied access to those files.

The article also does not mention any action toward police officers after they did this to Victor Williams following the attack by mayor Bob O'Dekirk.

Have the files even been been released to the legal team for Victor Williams? It might be time to get a new lawyer. Oh, but you will have to pay your first lawyer first, who seems to be throwing the case at this point. This is how things work out there.

How can the ISP clear O'Dekirk, (the case was referred to them) but Victor Williams still faces pending charges? Or has he been cleared as well? What about the police officers? Can prosecutor James Glasgow still charge Victor Williams - if so, why did the ISP only handle what appears to be the exoneration of the mayor while leaving the pending prosecution of Victor Williams up to the Will County prosecutor? It seems like only half the case was referred to the ISP.

Time to call Ben Crump. (click here to contact the law offices of Ben Crump)

It seems to me that an incident worthy of referral has to result in someone being guilty of something. However, it now appears that Victor Williams may have been manipulated and strung along and his attorney could now just drop the ball and say nothing to see here as well. We will see. O'Dekirk will presumably not accumulate any legal fees given that he is a lawyer. However, the increasing number of federal cases that have made their way to Will County are raising the eyebrows of some who now recognize a pattern of government overreach at the state level and a pattern of obstructing justice.

One judge in Chicago assigned to the Jussie Smollett case quipped that it is not enough that justice be pursued, but also that there is the appearance of justice. Words are words. Even the judges are corrupt and FOS in Illinois. How are we doing with the Jussie Smollet case? How are we doing with the Victor Williams case? Have we found the killer of Semaj Crosby yet? What is going on with the wrongful death investigation of Eric Lurry? Remember a guy from Chicago named Jim Van Buskirk? Nobody does. And soon, nobody will remember the name Victor WIlliams either. Meanwhile, the burning looting, rioting and all of the other nonsense continues in the name of 'justice for George.'

No Charges Expected To Be Filed Against Joliet Mayor

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