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Why we are basically doomed when it comes to #2A

I did a short post on this topic not too long ago and it is worth revisiting given the illegal standards that are currently applied with regard to the rule of law when it comes to blue city and state prosecutors and DAs funded by George Soros.

Why we are basically doomed when it comes to #2A

Why we are basically doomed: I go to these free #2A legal seminars at my local gun club. Lawyer Tim Forshey was the host at the last one. It is basically a USCCA promotion. He had a client who was justified in shooting a black guy who attacked or robbed him, I don't remember which. Irrelevant. It was a justified shooting that turned into a 'hate crime' because they have the guy defending himself LEGALLY on video calling the perp a nigger during the attack. 1. He did not call the guy a nigger and then attack him. 2. The guy attacked him and then he called him a nigger. So you have to be polite to the people who are robbing or assaulting you in order to not go to jail. IF YOU DISRESPECT the CRIMINALS you can be charged with a hate crime.

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