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Why Democrats cry when Republicans don't wear face masks

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Pens - Have you noticed that the rules don't apply to pens? I don't wear a mask, but I carry my own pen around with me so that when I have to sign a credit card receipt I do not have to use the same pen as 1,000 other people before me.

There are certain things that just do not seems to reconcile...

Like that useless fucking WALMART greeter who tells everybody to wear a mask and then pretends to be talking over the radio to security to report me to someone who never arrives and I know that the jig is up before it ever even started.

Why not take that useless asshole who stands at the front door and have him wipe down the touch screens at the self-checkout kiosks? Because that would actually be doing something.

And we can get rid of the unnecessary obstacles at the entrances that snake around to do nothing more than piss everyone off, creating nothing more than another layer of annoyance to the system.

If I thought wearing a mask would get the Left to shut up, I would put one on in a second but they will just find some other reason to harass me in no time at all.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot control the behavior of people at this level - forcing them to wear a mask. Punishing people for the bad hygiene of others is what is happening here.

I can hook jumper cables up to my balls and electrocute myself if I feel like it. You can't tell me to wear a mask. If I feel like engaging in risky behavior I can choose to do so.

People not wearing masks is the fault of 'health experts' who have lied and or misled all of us by reporting inaccurate information. If they had been correct about their previous evaluations people would take this more seriously and be more likely to trust them.

Why is it ok for people who 'don't trust the police' to not listen to police when they escalate the situation at routine traffic stops?

People who 'don't trust' health experts don't wear masks.

The constant questions, faux news articles asking why? while feigning incredulity and ignoring the answers to their question. It is just a talking point from which to launch another 'I hate Trump and his supporters jag.'

It all has to do with feelings of inferiority.

In addition to being dumber, Democrats are also far less attractive physically than Republicans.

Have you ever seen the women at a Bernie Sanders rally? I think some of them have cocks. I don't know what some lovely lady with purple hair and a nose ring (and a cock) thinks she is going to say to me that I don't already know about wearing a mask.

Republican women are generally smarter and hotter. They are smart enough to figure out how to not get pregnant when they don't want to. They also run their own businesses and take care of their families and they still find time to exercise and look good.

A Democrat male, on the other hand, is usually pale and clammy and looks like a cross between someone who just got electrocuted and someone who is a regular at the emergency room having things removed from their ass.

Democrat 'women' - you are pissed off because you are not smart and you are unattractive and you court one of those buttigieges who does whatever you say because he is incapable of thinking for himself and you wonder why you are unhappy.

You may be wondering, "What does any of this have to do with not wearing a mask?"

Democrat women want you to cover your faces so that they don't have to feel bad about how unattractive they are. When you are walking around all sexy, it makes those Karens feel bad. This is why they are always calling the police for things they see someone else doing instead of getting laid, or minding their own god damn business doing something else.

Debunking the myth of the mask and revealing that it is all about power is simple:

If your mask protects you, then why do you care whether or not I wear one?

You tell me you want me to die every day on social media so you would think that you would NOT want me to wear a mask if you thought there was a risk. This is why you are FOS.

Plus, it is great not wearing a mask because it is like giving Democrats the finger just by doing nothing. I love it. SO go ahead and wear your face diaper so all of that shit that comes out of your mouth has somewhere to go. And leave me the fuck alone. Thank you

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