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Who paid the ransom for the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Colonial said that they WOULD NOT pay the $5 Million ransom. The White House said that they would defer to Colonial to solve the problem as they are a private company and it is their decision how to handle the matter.

Then, just like that, the problem went away and the pipeline reopened. Was the ransomware paid? If so, who paid the $5 Million?

This is very important to know and would be a telling indicator of whether or not these attacks will continue.

Colonial Pipeline Reportedly Won’t Pay Hacker Ransom_FORBES

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Colonial Pipeline Crisis: If You Drove an Electric Car, ‘This Would Not Be Affecting You’_BREITBART

Daily Mail just posted this: (IMO - This is a lie and I know it is a lie) 1. Because the report came from Bloomberg and 2. Because JUST YESTERDAY 5/12/2021 I read a report that Colonial said they ARE NOT paying the $5 Million and according to this 'report' Colonial paid right away last week.?! This is a lie. Or the multiple outlets that made multiple reports over the past week were all wrong, they were all liars, just like the other 8 people who claim they were not at the party where Brett Kavanaugh attacked Christine Blasey Ford. But Blasey Ford was telling the truth, everyone else is lying.

'Colonial Pipeline paid off the Russia-linked hacking group DarkSide to restore access to the key fuel pipeline that was paralyzed in a ransomware attack, according to a new report.

The pipeline operator paid the hackers nearly $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency, contradicting earlier reports that the company had no intention of meeting the criminal gang's extortion demands, two people familiar with the transaction told Bloomberg.

The ransom was paid off just hours after the attack commenced last week, the people said, yet the pipeline remained offline for another six days due to the slow decryption key provided by the hackers, triggering severe gas shortages, panic buying and chaos across the South.'


UPDATE: 5/13/2021 12:11 CST -

President says he does NOT believe Russia was behind Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, threatens retaliation against the hackers and refuses to comment on $5M crypto-ransom was paid by firm

Biden refuses to say if he knew Colonial Pipeline paid hackers $4M-$5M to get pipeline back online per reports FOX NEWS

5/15/2021: Media Won’t Retract Anonymously Sourced Claims That Colonial Pipeline Refused To Pay $5 Million Ransom_FEDERALIST


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