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White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly

Updated: May 1, 2021

I can’t say this enough – Why is this not National News?

BITCHUTE VIDEO SYNOPSIS HERE: White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly

What if I told you that in this political climate, an actual hate crime, or at least what qualifies by today’s standards as a hate crime occurred and nobody cared? Would you believe me?

What if I told you that ‘at a peaceful protest’ a white guy grabbed an unarmed black protester, dragged him and then slammed him to the ground on video and nothing has been done about it?

Now, what if I told you that this guy is the white mayor of a chocolate city in Deep Blue State, IL called Joliet? Would you believe me?

A mere 45 miles South of Chicago, straight down I-55, 1 hour 15 minutes away from the office of the prosecutor in Cook County, IL, Kim Foxx.

Chicago has been juicy for a hate crime like a dog in heat and there is one. But nobody is talking about it. Why?

When I Google it, a few of the MSM websites have done their obligatory blurb about it and just kind of dropped it. There were a couple updates to older articles, bumping them up in the search rank, but nothing of substance. Why?

In Chicago, it can be a terrifying experience to have to report the news. People lose their jobs for reporting the wrong kind of news in Chicago. Why is everybody protecting this white mayor in a city in a very large County in IL? WILL COUNTY, IL.

Now, the plot has thickened because a video has surfaced that ‘allegedly’ (but pretty clearly) shows several cops holding him down while one punches him and the suspect does not appear to be resisting arrest! I don’t use exclamation points haphazardly, but GOD DAMN! Why isn’t anybody talking about this?

White cops appear to be punching an unarmed black suspect who does not appear to be resisting AFTER THE MAYOR, who dozens of witnesses now say was the aggressor, grabbed, dragged and slammed to ground an unarmed black protester.

Why is nobody talking about this? Video below:

Access to Justice – Corruption in Illinois

Second Video Shows Joliet Police Officers After Mayor O’Dekirk Altercation During Protests & Riots

A couple of talking points for the legal team of #VictorWilliams and #JamalSmith -

One article said the mayor was accused of 'excessive force.' - Yea, remember O'Dekirk is a lawyer too and frauds are good with using deceptive suggestive language. Bob O'Dekirk is a mayor - NOT A COP. Which means that it is illegal for him to put his hands on anybody for any reason at any time. "Excessive force' suggests that he had the right to use any force and he didn't.

Another talking point for the legal team of these two black victims - One article said (link below) charges were dropped against the brothers. Charges were not dropped because they were never filed. Again - the press is an extension of the system out there and they will print whatever they tell them to print. Don't act like the brothers 'got a deal.' The brothers are the victims here and from what I see the mayor should be charged with assault.

That mayor is going to pay BIG. He better anyway.

Witnesses say Mayor started the argument –

The lawyers appearing at a press conference outside Joliet City Hall said charges should be dropped against Victor Williams and Jamal Smith, and police should consider charges against the mayor, including impersonation of a police officer.

Then, Joliet, IL, mayor Bob O’Dekirk appointed one of three black leaders who backed him during a news conference on the mayor’s protest scuffle to the city’s police board later that same day.

See that article in the Herald, here:

What else in interesting with the Bob O’Dekirk story is that while Joliet, IL is in WILL COUNTY and Chicago, IL is just over an hour away in COOK COUNTY, these are some of the recent ‘hate crimes’ that have come out of Chicago:

$50,000 Bond for calling a black woman a ‘black bitch’

A River Forest man has been charged with a hate crime

$10,000 for having an argument with a woman wearing a Puerto Rico T-Shirt

Joliet Police Release 3 Hours Of Videos In Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody

Jan 2020 - O'Dekirk announces anti-violence task force


UPDATE 7/6/2020 -

The two brothers involved in an altercation with Joliet mayor Bob O’Dekirk on the night of May 31st were in Will County Court on Thursday afternoon. Victor Williams and Jamal Smith were notified by the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office that they are being released from the conditions of their bond and that no current charges are going to be filed that this time. The matter is still under investigation by both the state attorney and the Illinois State police. The attorneys for the two brothers believe that this is the first step to having the investigation into the incident closed with no charges filed against either Williams or Smith.

It was also made known that a civil lawsuit is currently in the process of being filed. It was confirmed by both attorneys that mayor Bob ODekirk will be listed as one of the defendants. A video from May 31st went public showing the Mayor in a physical confrontation with two individuals during the civil unrest in Joliet that evening. The Mayor told WJOL that he was attacked and defended himself during the incident. Attorneys for the two brothers state that it was the mayor who was in fact the aggressor in the incident. They said that they have video evidence and eyewitness statements to present to the state police to corroborate their clients version of events.

It is believed that the states attorneys office will wait for the conclusion of the Illinois State police investigation before making a final determination on charges.

Bothers Currently Facing No Charges In Confrontation With Joliet Mayor

Man Dies In Police Custody In Joliet; Police Accused Of Withholding Video For 5 Months

Update 7/5/2020 -

I somehow missed this article the first time around. Additional video of police officers allegedly punching the suspect. Again, I do not know why this is not a national story and I sure as hell do not know why in deep blue state Illinois why this has not blown up into a major story.

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is an example of bad law enforcement and a corrupt legal system

Corrupt politician, corrupt cop and shady lawyer

One bad apple gets all white people labeled a bunch of racist white supremacists.

I was on the side of the mayor giving him the benefit of the doubt since so many alleged hate crimes turn out to be fake, but after dozens of eye witnesses came forward and attest to what we have all seen on video, although we have to say allegedly, he has solidified his guilt for many.

He even tried to cover it up by allegedly bribing a black member with a seat on the city council in exchange for defending him.

Anybody who remembers the name Rod Blagojevich may see some familiarity in openly exchanging favors (and so far allegations of other favors as well as cash payments have not yet surfaced) for coveted seats in official government capacity.

Will St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner get four more years to upend the criminal justice system

Here is a timeline of events and articles related to the alleged attack on an unarmed black protester who, by all accounts was attacked while peacefully protesting by the mayor of Joliet, in WILL COUNTY, IL.

Why is Bob O’Dekirk still mayor of Joliet, IL?

White Mayor of Joliet, IL Attacks Unarmed Black Protester, (allegedly) HD VIDEO CLEAR AS DAY

'The mob that you appease may very well be the mob that takes you out -'

Joliet, IL Mayor Bob O’Dekirk proves white supremacy is alive and well in WILL COUNTY, IL

White mayor of Joliet, IL grabs, drags and then slams unarmed black protester to the ground and nothing is done about it in this political climate? How the hell is this possible?

Win for White Supremacy? Joliet, IL Mayor grabs, drags and slams black protester to the ground

Yea, while judges can 'interpret the law' any way that they want to, they do not dictate how people interpret reality. THIS VIDEO IS VERY CLEAR.

There will be a press conference (as of right now) at 1PM CST today (6/9/2020) to determine the fate of the white mayor of Joliet, IL captured on pretty damning video attacking/defending himself against a black protester.

White liberal assholes cultivated an environment of savage behavior and are shocked when they have to reap what they sow.

YouTube Live Press Conference:

black police officer association

I will save you about a half hour - there was really nothing said here of any value

Link to press conference on Facebook:


Pastors call for resignation of Joliet mayor after video shows him in tussle with black protester

Pastors call for resignation of Joliet mayor after video shows him in tussle with black protester


Joliet Mayor to Speak for First Time Since Video Surfaced of Confrontation With Protester


Pastors Demand Resignation of Joliet Mayor Bob O'Dekirk


Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk’s Confrontation With Protester Under Investigation, Officials Say

What can black woman prosecutor Kim Foxx learn from white male prosecutor in the suburbs about recusing herself? Don't matter. They are not held to the same standard.

The Times Weekly:

Since when am it a crime to keep your brother from getting killed by the mayor?

Prayer, peaceful protests in Will County over the weekend

I hate to say it, but the mayor of Joliet Illinois is probably going to suffer the same fate as the mayor of Minneapolis MN -

Bob O'Dekirk

Pastors call for resignation of Joliet mayor after video shows him in tussle with black protester

Attorneys dispute Joliet mayor’s claim

Lawyers: Protesters involved in incident were peaceful

Two Protesters Allegedly Attacked By Joliet Mayor On Sunday, May 31st Hire Lawyers


Joliet mayor says he will not step down after confrontation with protester, accused of using 'excessive force'

Latest victim of the cancel culture, white mayor of Joliet IL attacked by black protester cancelled

Joliet Mayor Bob O'Dekirk - Dozens of witnesses say white mayor attacked unarmed black protesters

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