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What they do

I love it when people love what they do. These people do not love what they do. They love what they can do. They love the power. This is how sociopaths and people with extreme feelings of inferiority enter politics. The Leftists.

These days, undeterred by 'optics' which used to be all of politics. You don't have to 'mean' what you say or actually do anything you promise to do, you only have to make it look like you will, try. Therefore, all of politics used to revolve around optics. There is no more concern for optics. You can't hold them accountable. This is identitarian politics. The behavior.

The appalling lack of conduct and acceptable performance is in direct proportion to the gross incompetence and stupidity that has permeated every aspect of our society. Nothing works.

The entire economy was shut down for a year because they were afraid. They propagated the lie and delayed the announcement of the vaccine. They had to finish their mission of completing the election fraud project first. The virus lockdown stunt was good. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

These people couldn't be trusted not to put one of their own parents in one of Cuomo's nursing homes. The Cuomo scandal was front and center until the Gaetz scandal replaced it. Did the Cuomo story just 'run the news cycle' or was it replaced. Did I fall or was I pushed?

Like when Clarice Starling made that bogus deal with Hannibal Lecter. There was no reward when Hannibal helped. But that was the law, making up their own laws. Then Hannibal got away.

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