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If the Coronavirus #COVID19 Lockdown didn't destroy your life, social justice will - rioting in MN

What if #COVID19 Justice were #SocialJustice ?

My God. Thank goodness all of you white patriots were a bunch of total liars when you spoke about all of the things you believe in and all you stand for. Thank God you were polite when the government destroyed your life. You didn't even defend yourselves at all or stand up for your rights. Even with all those guns. You just let them do it. Because anything else would have been impolite. Better to have completely lost everything and give it all up willingly than to be called impolite, or worse - racist. In the history books, they will still call you racist.

Why not? It is a racist virus that affects primarily black and brown communities according to medical 'experts' like Oprah and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The racist disease and the response to it also have a familiar blueprint -

In terms of style, it is a little bit 'Starbucks Effect' and a little bit 'Ferguson Effect.'

White people - don't protest that you can't go to work and open your business or do anything self-sufficient to make a living. Because if you do, you are racist. You are sentenced to coronavirus lockdown to stop the spread of a racist virus. Any resistance would indicate that you are racist (you don't take racism seriously because you don't take the racist virus seriously), we are in this together.

Starbucks Effect - NWM (non-white males) break the law and you are punished.

racist disease, hygiene habits - disparity without regard to inputs vs outputs - racist laws affect incarceration rates of NWM.

When we jam everything through the lens of disparity, you literally change the direction of the cause and effect actions - making the effect he cause and the cause the effect. The negative actions that resulted in negative consequences are now 'played' in reverse with the cause chopped off.

Entertain me: the video of a typical fake hate crime contains the following editing:

subject repeatedly ignores, resists, defies commands of law enforcement who then has no choice but to subdue the subject. The cause, the first half of the video is chopped off and the video is played in reverse conveniently disguising THE ACTUAL REAL LIFE NARRATIVE in exchange for the social justice narrative.

What if a bunch of PATRIOTS acted like social justice warriors who are repeatedly encouraged by likes of Barack Obama, DON LEMON and COLIN KAEPERNICK et al, that burning down businesses and entire sections of towns or in some cases, burning down entire towns themselves is summarized as 'people are angry and rightfully so (Obama's exact words while POTUS with regard to Ferguson)?

We can talk about the not so subtle disregard for blatant syntax and semantics errors and just plain logical fallacies that defy common sense, but it is like opening the wrapped gift of an empty box. For example, conflating protesting with rioting and looting.

So instead, what if PATRIOTS did what they always said they were going to do?

Thank god it was all just a bunch of hot air. 'They cling to their bibles and their guns," said Barack Hussein Obama. Like his people cling to their welfare and crime and thuggery.

But what if PATRIOTS did what they said they were going to do. This is a test run while Trump is on office.

Patriots, good God fearing Christian Conservatives put on full display during Easter coronavirus lockdown that they are more afraid of the government than God.

So we can check that one off the list of - does not really have courage of their convictions

"I'm going to go down in a pile of brass protecting my rights..." No you are not.

You LET THEM take it all away from you. You let them TAKE AWAY ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS while pretending that you were gonna be locked and loaded. HA HA HA - YOU ARE SOOOOO buttigieg.

BUT if you advance the narrative of social justice - we may actually have a bonafide injustice here in MN shoved through the lens and now amplified by the years of fake hate crime narratives... Oh lawdy.

Whatever coronavirus didn't destroy, you can count on the fellas to take care of the rest.

And good God fearing Patriots are quiet and peaceful as the government quietly drains your bank accounts and steals your asserts out from underneath you...

All while letting the victims of a racist criminal justice system out of jail, to burn down cities in what they are calling righteous protest.

My God. Thank goodness all of you white patriots were a bunch of total liars when you spoke about all of the things you believe in and all you stand for.

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