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Wearing a mask has nothing to do with #COVID19 - It is all about power

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The entire mandate suggests that you should 'shut your mouth' or else.

Updated article here:

Why are people who want Trump and all of his supporters to die so concerned about them wearing masks?

What is the big deal? Why don't you just wear a mask?

What is the big deal to just do what the police officer tells you to do and that way you won't get shot?

Exhibit A: In comes the Karens -

Phoenix police received 18 total calls for service on Saturday and Sunday about people not wearing masks, according to spokeswoman Sgt. Margaret Cox. Police did not issue any citations, she said.

Phoenix, Scottsdale police did not issue citations for people without masks amid COVID-19 pandemic

Imagine what kind of miserable lowlife piece of shit you have to be when calling the police to report someone not wearing a mask gets you off.

People not wearing masks is the fault of 'health experts' who have lied and or misled all of us by reporting inaccurate information. If they had been correct about their previous evaluations people would take this more seriously and be more likely to trust them.

People who 'don't trust' the police, don't listen to police and escalate the situation at routine traffic stops.

People who 'don't trust' health experts don't wear masks.

#2020Revolution #Revolution2020 #MASKS #COVID19 #CORONAVIRUS

Phoenix Megachurch Hosting Trump Rally Says It Has Special Coronavirus-Killing Air System

Dream City Church is an Assemblies of God megachurch in Phoenix, Arizona. The weekly attendance is around 22,500. The senior pastor is Luke Barnett. Wikipedia

Address: 13613 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022

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