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We just transferred liability for nation wide riots from black thugs to white people - BLM Antifa


  1. Create an over hyped hysteria with something #coronavirus - this will destroy the economy, small business and make everyone a slave to the govt when citizens are forced to take a loan from the govt to stay open because the govt forced you to shut down so you can't make a living. Depleting your assets. Property seizure. This is invisible.

  2. Unleash the same bad actor animals that the Dems have repeatedly used as a tool to advance their Leftist narrative. CALL them protests and say it is in response to 'racism.' This way you have that identitarian shield that wull excuse anything THEY do. Public officials like Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot helped plan organize and execute riots execute and lifted lockdown orders to let hood rats and gutter punks loot and destroy the city. This is highly visible.

  3. PIVOT - and point to ANTIFA - A bunch of left wing white people created for this purpose - to ABSORB the violent thuggery propagated by minorities. Narrative for the history books - White Nationalism under the Trump Admin caused collapse of the Constitutional Republic.

We just received CONFIRMATION that ANTIFA, not a bunch f'n black thugs, destroyed the United States of America.

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