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We have a real problem with technology hardware and software

Updated: May 31, 2021

Nothing works. I clicked on the icon and nothing happens or something happens, just not what was supposed to happen. Do you laugh and brush it off? This happens dozens, even hundreds of times each day and if you value your time and realize that it is being wasted because of garbage that does not work it should be infuriating to you.

I am constantly being disconnected from the internet for no apparent reason with regularity. Why? Why does nothing work?

And then when I do get a solid connection and try to visit a news website it is plastered with ads. I cannot even read the article.

Why does everything take so long to load? It didn't used to take this long to load. There is a manufactured bottleneck. This is done by design to steal your productivity away a few seconds at a time a few hundred times a day. Why?

I cannot fucking work like this. There are no longer indicators of what the fuck is happening. Is something loading or did the button that I just clicked not recognize the click? Some kind of fucking indicator would be nice.

The 'sign up' and the 'log in' screens are presented to the user in reverse order. You only have to sign up once, but you have to login every time you use it. So why is the sign up screen always shoved into your face first, and every time?

Brave browser just stops working

Amazon does not let you pick up where you left off while watching a show. Why?


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