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Was Jarrod Ramos Justified in The Capital Gazette Shooting Case?

The abuse that social media and the MSM allows the Left to extol onto others had its reckoning with Jarrod Ramos. The 'newspaper' was used as a tool by the Left to smear someone who was falsely accused of harassment. What Ramos did is not only allowed when the Left does it to the Right, it is considered to be 'perfectly fine' and even encouraged when one is 'fighting fascists.' See Exhibit A - The violent rhetoric of 'anti-racist' teachers or just turn on Fox News and see the wanton destruction of anything and everything in the name of 'social justice.' It is a mystery to me why people do not do this more often.

Let me give you a breakdown of what probably happened here -

Ramos was upset and distraught because of personal things were going on in his life. He reaches out to a former classmate online who is working in the professional field helping people. She cannot or will not help him and he gets even angrier and even more distraught than the already is - and instead of burning, looting and destroying the property of others (as is regularly allowed and excused and even encouraged in the black community) he verbally lashes out against the woman he sought help from online. She then hires a lawyer who frames Ramos as a monster, destroys his career and then uses the media, which is an extension of the Leftists who destroy everything they touch, to publicly humiliate him and then he kills the people who did this.

This is Leftism. They blocked Ramos from telling his side of the story and even prevented him from receiving mail in jail as to not communicate what happened to him with anyone on the outside. Now they are pissed off that the guy is not actually crazy after a mental evaluation - which seems to be the case, and he is being blocked from telling his story of what happened to him.

Judge Rules On Scope Of Testimony In Capital Gazette Shooting Case

'The 40-year-old had a well-documented history of harassing the newspaper’s journalists.'

...and they are still doing it. Because they are reporting falsely about him and they ran a 'hit' piece on him for no reason.

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