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Warnock and Ossoff level misleading claims that Loeffler is 'campaigning with a Klansman'

Georgia senate democrats (two men ganging up on a woman) accused Kelly Loeffler of being racist in a maneuver that could have been predicted from a mile away. Warnock and Ossoff level misleading claims that Loeffler is 'campaigning with a Klansman'. The story reminds me of the Hillary Clinton Robert Byrd photo op or the Joe Biden Robert Byrd photo op: Joe Biden pictured with “Grand Wizard” of Ku Klux Klan.

For those of you with your heads still firmly implanted up your asses, I present to you this article by Reuters which is an example of how the Left-Wing media constructs 'damage control fact checks' that are even more obscure and misleading than the topic they claim to be debunking: Fact check: Photograph does not show Robert Byrd; Byrd was not the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

This article is a lot like Clinton herself in the way she debated Trump during campaign 2016. Isolate a semantic that has nothing to do with with the actual premise of anything being discussed or debated and use that innocuous sticking point to 'jump the track' and remove the item from the actual conversation and then engage in some logical fallacy driven by circular reasoning to argue what the definition of 'is' is.


False. Senator Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but not the “Grand Wizard”. The photograph shows a portrait of the Grand Dragon of the Florida KKK in 1990.

The articles appear to be addressing the fact that both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton cozied up to former KKK member Robert Byrd. The article first claims that the 'photograph,' is not Byrd. It isn't. But there are pictures of both Clinton and Biden with Byrd. They do this on purpose while making you think they are talking about apples when they are really referring to oranges. One track removed from what it is that we are actually talking about. False attribution.

If someone said they saw a white Cadillac collide with a black Lexus and their eye witness testimony for the collision is to point at a green Prius and say, "that car was not involved in the accident" - the discussion of a red herring has nothing to do with anything related to what it is that people think it is that they are talking about. This allows them to lie without really lying because they are talking about something other than what you think they are talking about. This type of mindset is one way in which some people can be trained to trick a lie detector test into believing that they are telling the truth. The Dems figured out how to avoid debating policy issues completely by mastering the art of running out the clock and filling the time with things they just invented that mostly hold no basis in reality. These 'imaginary dragons' then become villains in this 'Wakanda-like' environment that we have allowed them to construct all around us by caving in to deference and not calling them out on their bullshit like Trump did when he said to a reporter during campaign 2016, something along the lines of sit down and wait your turn, you are being very rude.

Let me break this down even more simply - the fake party that never existed - you know the one Brett Kavanaugh supposedly attended - yea that party, the entire setting for the story is a lie that you assume is real. On a side note, I e-mailed this notion to the Hannity show after the hearing and during the Brett Kavanugh fisaco and he later recited my argument verbatim (possibly by coincidence, but none the less too little too late after the fact) that the entire defense argument for the Brett Kavanugh fraud at that time should have been that the 'party' in question never took place. Done. That is the entire argument. Instead, the whole time they were arguing about what allegedly happened at a party that never took place. The allegations could not be true if they just tried to explain the reality that the party never happened.

All of the supposed attendees that the plaintiff presented within the backdrop of an imaginary party, a story concocted either for or by Ford herself, supposed that every single one of the people she alleged to be there were lying when they said they never attended the gathering alleged during the live political theatrical set designed for an eight hour televised lambasting of a Supreme Court Justice. But women must be believed. All of them. Even if one of them decides to throw 10 other women under a bus on their way to what Ford's lawyer openly bragged about later as being entirely politically motivated attack which made both what she and her client did illegal. But there is no fear in the hearts of women who intentionally lie then later brag about it knowing they won't be charged with any crimes or face disbarment when they are towing the lines of the Left. An in another epic episode of gaslighting, and a striking example of what I like to refer to as the juxtaposition of tyranny, the image of Christine Blasey Ford later appeared on the cover of TIME magazine.

Whenever the Left makes something extremely simple into something complicated and confusing, trust your own brain enough to realize that they are not any smarter than your own good judgement. They tell their constituents things that do not make any sense and then tell them that they are stupid because they do not understand the illogical things they are trying to get them to believe. This is what creates the foundation of the feelings of inferiority that the Left carries around with them. Leftists and indentitarian politicians in sum total require constant gaslighting to push their sociopathic agendas. Their constituents learn to obey and learn how not to think, but instead what to think.

Adam Corolla said it best recently. He said you just have to decide to not care that they are calling you a racist and a sexist and a whatever because even if you are not, they will call you one anyway if they feel like it. You have to not be afraid of whatever potential lies they might say about you and just decide that these pieces of shit are just that. Leftists.

Righteous anger is the antithesis of fear.

But the fact of the matter is that people on the political right do not stick up for each other. They do not even stick up for themselves. This is why we are witnessing in real time the legitimate death of the GOP. People decided that they fear their government more than they fear god when they stayed away from their churches on Easter Sunday during the coronavirus lockdown which was a manufactured response to a manufactured crisis created inside a lab in China, deployed to smash the Trump economy and used as an excuse to implement vote by mail and to destroy the largest sector of independent employment in this country - the service industry, and ultimately steal the 2020 Presidential Election.

But this is another one of those things that I guess we are all going to just sit here and just watch as our elected officials do nothing to defend us as we wait and pray for the 'secret militias' and the 'patriots' to come to our rescue.

Good Christian Conservatives - Zero courage of your convictions.

Nobody is protesting outside the home of George Soros even though his home address is easily attained by performing a quick internet search. The police and the military have turned on us - by not defending us against the domestic terror organization they lovingly refer to as 'Black Lives Matter.'

They make you close up the doors to your businesses and go home and watch them on television. Our elected officials then allow BLM and other groups from the dregs of society to destroy your businesses for fun on the evening news.

And you are saying, "Well of course their lives matter, but..." Huh? But what? There lives do not matter and the domestic terror organization known as Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black people.

The lives of the people who are doing this to your businesses, your communities, your homes and neighborhoods - are not fit to lick the bottom of my shoes. They should be publicly tortured one at a time manually on live television for our amusement.

Instead, the opposite is happening.

And little children who can only be described as the one word you are not allowed to say are celebrated by the NYT for plotting, planning and then executing a directive to destroy the accomplishments of a classmate because of their own feelings of inadequacy, should be reminded, by example, what happened to slaves who did not listen or tried to run. Only then can you truly know how far we have come. But 'Black History' is a complete and total fabrication because as everybody knows (because Chris Rock told us so) that black people really hate to read. That is why they just make shit up as they go along.

None of the so called social justice research experiments conducted by Obama era blackademics can be recreated which is why they are just getting rid of the scientific method altogether and replacing it with 'my truth.' Leftists and especially black leftists have a complicated relationship the law and with the laws of truth as it pertains to their perception of reality. These nigs claim to understand extremely complex concepts like routine activity theory and microaggressions bur refuse to understand that if you do what the police officer says, you will not be shot during a routine traffic stop. They are completely and totally full of shit and now these hood rats in suits occupy the offices of Soros funded prosecutors, judges and members of Congress.

They are not having any 'Talk' with their kids. At least not the one they say they are having. The Left needs dead black people in order to propagate their narrative. This is why anti-racist educators say things like, "Not in the year 2020 do black people have to listen to cops." And their words literally direct the actions of black people who end up getting shot by police. White Leftists are literally telling black people to do things that they know will get them shot. They are directing them to escalate the situation at a routine traffic stop or during any interaction with police and then can be heard saying that the cop escalated the situation at a routine traffic stop... wait for it... by not doing what the criminal told them to do. I am not making this shit up.

White male Democrats are the lowest form of pond scum on this entire planet.

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