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War on Words #WOW

Updated: Jan 29

Colorado State University has 17 different resources to help students 'affected' by 'free speech'_FOXNEWS

University language guide says ‘grandfather,’ ‘housekeeping,’ ‘spirit animal’ are ‘problematic’ words_NYPOST

The Left Calls Everything “Violent” Because It Works_REVOLVER


Parent Finds Numerous Grammatical Errors in Letter from Virginia Teachers Union President_GATEWAYPUNDIT

PICTURED: Children's therapist girlfriend, 29, of Washington Football Team Safety Deshazor Everett, 29, killed when he hit a tree in his car that can reach up to 193mph_DAILYMAIL

Las Vegas cops discover severed head in cooler during arrest of suspect on totally different charges_FOXNEWS

Husband of Democrat Lawmaker Who Was Carjacked in Illinois Exchanged Gunfire With the Attackers_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Kamala Harris says DEMOCRACY and the climate crisis are the biggest national security threats facing the US: VP also stands by Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and puts the blame on Trump_DAILYMAIL - trouble identifying cause vs. effect

Facebook says it’s not liable for false “fact checks” used to censor, because they’re “protected opinion”_RECLAIM

Dictionary Site Just Chose Its Word of the Year — and It’s as Silly as You Expect_REDSTATE

Greg Gutfeld: Americans are focused on the crime wave, the left is focused on language_FOXNEWS

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge describes jury instructions as 'very confusing'_FOXNEWS

Our brave new progressive world, from A to Woke_NYPOST

CDC rolls out new ‘inclusive language’ speech controls…

Biden's eviction moratorium

FACT CHECK: Lyin’ Biden Is Redefining Words to Smear Pro-Trump Capitol Protesters_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Professors say proper grammar is racist, perpetuates whiteness_BLAZE

Joyce Carol Oates mocks Brandeis students' 'oppressive' word bans, including 'picnic' and 'you guys'_FOXNEWS

University puts out 'Oppressive Langauge List'_WND

'worst' - Seattle Pride Organizers Issue Statement After Concerns Of Event Charging White People ‘Reparations Fee’_GATEWAYPUNDIT

The Telegraph rips Meghan Markle's 'semi-literate' book that 'leaves Harry holding the baby'_FOXNEWS

3 Times that recent 'Legal Proceedings' defied common sense definitions of words and logic_17GEN4

Justice Neil Gorsuch leads fraudulent SCOTUS interpretation of the law on illegal immigration case_17GEN4

Exclusive — Robert Wilkie: Democrats Want to Rewrite VA Motto to Remove Language from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural_BREITBART

War on Language - Toe The Line - DO NOT USE GOOGLE FOR 'LANGUAGE' related advice..._17GEN4

Google Docs Changes Auto-Correct Algorithm To Be More ‘Inclusive’_DAILYWIRE

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Changes Definition of "Anti-vaxxer" in Chilling Orwellian Move_REDSTATE

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