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Trump Supporters - Why do they do it?

Updated: May 27, 2020

As a Trump supporter you get nothing. Nothing good anyway.

Trump supporter describes the mental illness of Trump supporters 2016-2020

  • sarcastic remarks - I am very proud of all of you who are letting the politicians in blue states destroy your lives and your livelihoods. It will be dually noted that you were polite while they raped you and that you didn't make any racist remarks. Commendable.

It wasn’t one full hour after Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her concession speech on the morning of November 9, 2020 that it began: 

I only had a few hours of sleep and one of my regular customers greeted me with indignation.

“But Obama doubled the national debt,” I replied. “He spent $10 trillion.”

“No he didn’t. He spent 9,” Harry responded.

I couldn’t enjoy it for one full hour. It has been a constant barrage of misdirected anger and a series of I don’t even know what since then.

I did nothing wrong. I was living the dream as a small business owner. And for those of you who don’t know; it is a lot of hard work. It is not a ‘take a day off whenever you feel like it’ as much as it is ‘you can never take a day off and don’t get any paid sick time or vacation days.’

People got meaner when before they were just ignorant and stupid.

All they had to do was go to the polls. But they all expected someone else to do it. I guess when you cultivate a bunch of people who accept a socialist mindset, you shouldn’t really be surprised when they demonstrate that they don’t really know how things work. Where things come from, like votes and winners of elections.

And like small businesses. As Obama famously said, "You didn't build that. Somebody gave it to you."

Everything that any normal good American parent taught their kids became not only a lie, it became a symbol of the opposite of what used to be considered good American values: hard work, exceptionalism, competition that drives innovation all became associated with negative connotations like white nationalism and white supremacy. For the Dems a weakness would become a strength and, as I saw one astute observer declare - Conservatism is the new punk. It is the new counterculture. I love that.

You don’t get anything for being a Trump supporter. You celebrate the idea that you get nothing and have to earn everything. Pursuit of happiness is not only a guaranteed right, it is a directive and an obligation that you pursue it and are personally responsible for it. For pursuit of happiness under the Constitution is not anything that can be handed to you.

May you live in interesting times -

But this is what would become one of many distortions of language and understanding when it comes to conflating the idea of inputs vs. outputs and the lost idea that things are earned instead of handed to you. Distortion of cause and effect and diversity in interpretation of reality produced illogical concepts like ‘my truth’ which was intentionally designed to be confused with ‘my opinion.’ ‘I feel like’ took that one step further and allowed people to literally just make things up and avoid legal recourse, because, it is legal to have feelings. Remember, we (they) already told you your opinions matter because you matter and therefore your feelings are valid. This somehow jumped the track and turned into your feelings are truth because your opinions matter. Opinions about how one feels about something became the basis for some sort of alternate reality where a detractor is immune from laws like slander libel and defamation because they are pretending to describe ‘feelings’ when they literally just make up lies and project false ideas and statements onto people and things they do not like.

'I feel like' replaced 'it seems as if'

This is one of many things that they can do to you, but you would never get away with doing back to them.

Trump supporters were more likely to approve of him taking hostile actions against his political opponents than Clinton supporters were to approve hers.

That dog is very vicious. It defends itself when attacked.

Stephen Paddock had no motive. #transparentgovernment #russiacollusion

Early on I heard it described that the Left is disgusted by the reality of human nature. People do not have equal abilities and this upsets some of them very much. To be on the Left is to be and think like a child.

As a Trump supporter you get nothing. Nothing good.

You get to celebrate the idea that you are in the only country in the world where our unique ideas about freedom and liberty exist.

As a Trump supporter you get nothing.

You are called a racist, xenophobic misogynist. This is what you get if you are a Trump supporter.

As a Trump supporter you understand what John Adams identified as knowing the difference between freedom ‘of’ religion vs. freedom ‘from’ religion.

So the greatest country in the world, the USA, was founded on the assumed idea that a moral compass was necessary for freedom and liberty to exist (also a concept articulated by John Adams). That compass is the Bible and Christianity.

What becomes of a country that allows for freedom of religion, even religions that oppose the religion that supports the document on which subversive actors have the right to practice their religion? The idea that allows even the freedom for this is occupied by whom exactly? How could they not be subversive actors and tyrannous bastards?

You get to celebrate the idea that you get to be in the only country in the world where unique ideas about freedom and liberty exist. 

and would there not be an asterisk here that declares - unless someone else exercises the freedom to be offended by the host country and therefore you simply need give it away lest you risk being called something that ends with an 'ist' or an 'ism.'

This is a very difficult concept for people to understand - there are millions of people in the world who do not know what it means to have Right wing values. This is very important to know. There are people who live in other countries who are told that they are thinking illegal or irrational thoughts when they speak of the concepts of capitalism and wealth and prosperity. I am not making this up.

I listen to the Dennis Prager show to learn how to be a better person. I would be a much better person if I had heard about him earlier in life. On one hand, I envy young people who know who he is today. On the other hand, this is the first time in my life that I don’t wish that I were younger. Who would ever say such a thing?

A heard a caller to the show from Venezuela describe how he was vilified and told that he was talking like a mentally ill crazy person when he shared thoughts with family member in Venezuela 'what if' thoughts about... something that reflected Right wing values. He called the show and was overwhelmed to learn that he was not 'insane' for thinking this. I know this feeling. I am a red person who was living in a blue state for many years.

There is an obvious impossibility we face that our freedom and liberty has been undermined because assimilation with traditional American values is becoming illegal and that white men who built this country are the most discriminated against group of people in thew world.

Through the lens of globalization, white males are the minority in the population of the world.

And the snake eats its own tail as the subversive actors who emigrate here for any other purpose than intention of assimilation are subversive to our constitutional republic and will certainly turn their destination into a reflection of the tyranny and oppression from which they fled.

AT the risk of offending everyone, and I do not care, it would be difficult to believe that our Bible is nothing more than a Leftist document.

It is difficult to believe that with video gaming narrative precision that our princess Israel is so positioned.

The Bible, the moral compass of the document for freedom and liberty outlined in our Constitution, our constitutional republic, is the cage through which the lion is stoked and poked and prodded.

I am no more an antisemitic than a blind judge who sentences a black criminal is racist. No matter. I will be called as such because of limited understanding or willful obfuscation of parsing the difference.

You follow the directive of something that allows you to be consumed.

The problem in the world is NOT and never was The Jews. The problem is Leftism. It is a shortcut to thinking when people scapegoat all of the world's problems onto a target like a race of people and then seek out to eliminate the target. This is what Hitler tried to do. Ironically, this is the same thing that the Left is currently doing to the Right. And we know this because, of course, the Left always tells you what they are doing. When the Left accuses their political opponents of doing something that they are clearly not doing, it is a safe bet that the Left is either in the process of doing exactly that or will be soon.

The only unfortunate thing about the death of Hitler is that we could not repeat his demise 1,000 times over and torture him for an entire millennia in between. No matter how clearly I state this, any criticism of the Jews is seen as a racist attack.

Why is it Judaeo-Christian values if they are the same? They basically are the same. They are in the same video game. Why has 'Jewish' also been separately designated as an individual distinction from all other 'European white males?' Could it be to separate themselves from the rest of the 'target?'

No matter. The reaction to #coronavirus was a stunt to destroy the Trump economy. That is clear now.

The question that people should ponder is how far are we into the current American revolution? For me it was St. Michael Brown of Ferguson. That is when I realized that something is terribly wrong.

The GOP does nothing. Trump will be that last Republican POTUS. The entire Republican party are a bunch of RINOs.

In summary, you get nothing for being a Trump supporter and you are actually worse off for doing it. So why?

Love like a Sunset. Where it starts it ends. Echo. #PHOENIX

this guy is weird

Mike Brown, The Ferguson Effect, The Starbucks Effect

being a good little buttigieg and hoping nobody attacks you is not any kind of strategy. Alas, we have no more burden of proof.

256: Living Without (2004) Act Four

Tin Man

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