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To the Left, #Coronavirus is the #GreenNewDeal on steroids

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The imaginary struggle that the Left invents eventually becomes their excuse for doing to you what they accuse you of doing to them.

They take anything, anything - pivot and then switch the cause and effect and then insert racism to 'explain' disparity. Then, use this as an excuse to discriminate against people on the Right, specifically white males.

The social engineering that is taking place is beyond disturbing.

It does not matter how many people love Trump or will vote for him, the news media has a new monster in the woods that they can use to gaslight the American public.

I cannot believe that this is happening as I watch it happening live in front of me and further, that I am seeing the GOP take it and ADVANCE IT!

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh said, "The Left is running to the left and the Right is slow walking to the left." He is right. All of the members of the GOP are old white men. Who will take their place? RINOs.

Nobody in their right mind would ever take or want the job after what they did to #BrettKavanaugh

One of the reasons that we are in the middle of a civil war in our society right now is because of the control of the flow of information. Both over the airwaves and online. Especially online.

I heard a brief interview recently with Jonathan T. Gilliam on the Sebastian Gorka radio show. He talked about how he had a 'reach' of about a million people through social media. (I will not get into the differences in semantics between followers and reach). They basically did to him what they do to anyone with traction - they sever the lines of communication between him and his followers and the people he can reach.

They (and ]by 'they' I mean the Left) don't care if you are an idiot. They leave you alone of you are an idiot. The social media construct right now allows idiots who favor 'Q' and people who follow people for the sake of following people with no other purpose than to follow people.

I cannot tell you how many times I see this:

I am rebuilding my twitter account for the 5th time...

WHY? You don't do anything with it except 'follow' people and then the Left comes in and just knocks it down.

But with Jonathan Gilliam, why haven't we learned that as the Right, we need our own platform? We can't. Parler sucks. Gab cannot accept money... .?! IDW community is an horrible piece of garbage... I was kicked off of the platform 3 weeks ago. I have no idea why. I have still not received a response from them. But IDW is affiliated with the same garbage organization that funded that Dennis Prager flop - 'No Safe Spaces.' Sometimes I think that even this was some act of deception. I have a hard time believing that people on the Right would produce such a piece of garbage especially when there is no shortage of TYRANNY out there.... It just blows my mind.

With Gilliam we have learned that the lines of communication in this country are already socialist. They (the Left) can basically just ghost you into oblivion so that you basically just don't exist. Your voice is never heard and you cannot control your own platform because they simply won't let you have one. The Left needs a home base online that does not involve Twitter or Facebook.

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