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Tired of winning? Red States vs. Blue States

Worse than the disregard for laws that are inconvenient to the narrative is the unequal application of laws. Tyrannical governments at least admit that they are equally oppressive to everyone. In this country, people who support and love the country and all that it stands for are vilified while the trash that have flooded our nation (foreign and domestic) are incentivized to shit all over it and be rewarded for it.

The Left trades people a little bit of 'power' and leverage and or access to a secret set of tools. If you are a woman and you don't have everything that you want in life, tow the line of the Left and we will give you a magic tool called #MeToo. They love it. They eat it up.

Feeling inadequate about yourself? Take out all of your feelings of inferiority on Trump supporters. They are happy and they are proud of their country and the traditional American values that support freedom and liberty. You? You are a jackass. So go ahead and let me help you focus that misdirected anger toward this group of people and empower and reward you to shit all over them as I pivot after I have angered you.

I saw a fight in the hallway at my high school many years ago. Two black bitches beating the shit out of each other. A third black bitch was running back and forth between them talking shit. 'She likes your boyfriend,' and then she would run over to the other one, 'she said your mama's a crack ho.' And on and on.

Speaking of black bitches, see Crosby

Brett Kavanaugh vs. Joe Biden. Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer came out after the fact and said that her decision was absolutely politically motivated. Why? To throw it in everyone's face that she broke the law and got away with falsely accusing a Supreme Court Judge of assault.

Stormy Daniels just came out and said that she falsely accused Trump of having an affair with her. Why? To demonstrate that she can get away with it. And there are no consequences to her actions.

Gen Michael Flynn will soon have all of the charges brought against him dropped. SO WHAT? This is NOT A WIN. This is a net-neutral outcome and there will be no consequences for those who propagated this hoax against him and against the American people.

The bad actors here committed crimes, got away with those crimes and then bragged about their crimes because they know that they are above the law. Just like Hillary Clinton. Just like Bill Clinton. Just like... The list is long. And the further down they are on the diversity spectrum, the more empowered they are.

Where is the good God-fearing Christian Conservative Right during all of this? Signing legislation that pays people more to not work during what is starting to appear as a grossly over exaggerated global pandemic hoax (at least with regard to the severity) and a subsequent shutdown of our entire economy. And then Lindsey Graham goes right to the airwaves to say, "We have to close this loophole..." The loophole that he just signed.

And the blue states? They are going to win. Red states (or should I say red state people) are fighting to go back to work, terrified about how they are going to take care of themselves. Blue states (or should I say blue state people) are worried about nothing and are taking direction from their leader fighting to not go back to work and are becoming incrementally incentivized to do so. And encouraged to shirk all responsibilities by jackasses like AOC.

Disturbing aspects of the Left: The ones in the know, don't care that they are ultimately making things worse for themselves by supporting Leftists. The only thing I can think of that would answer the question of 'why?' with regard to this is that - that little piece of tyrannical power that they receive is enormous to them. Tyranny is power without responsibility. This is what is intermingled with the gaslighting. It is literally like a cult.

To quote Frank Underwood from House of Cards, "If you blow it up, you can control how it falls." This is how the Left capitalizes from chaos. All of the blue state sins are going to be forgiven disguised by the show of the Act of Contrition response to the racist coronavirus.

The Left is already broken so they don't have to break them down first. They are already either miserable piles of shit or horrific offenders of heinous acts and fear that they will be given the Brett Kavanaugh treatment. I have said this for awhile now that I think that the people who scream the loudest about the Right have the most skeletons in the closet. I am not alone in thinking this.

The Left does not care if things get worse for them too (which will ultimately happen) as long as things will certainly get worse for the Right. It is like sinking a ship to destroy your enemy who is on that ship, only you are also on that ship. The Left appears retarded in this way. This gap is what I cannot reconcile. Again, I think many of them are like Bernie Madoff just waiting to get caught and towing the line of Leftism is just buying them time.

No price will ever be paid for the misdeeds of these bad actors.

On of the most startling things to me about the Left is the juxtaposition of hypocrisy. They love to exercise tyrannical power over you and then (sometimes simultaneously) gaslight you.

They will say something like - you absolutely cannot do that, and then without missing a beat, they do the thing that they just pretended to oppose. They do it all the time.

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