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This is a 'rule' not a 'law' - this woman never should have been arrested for not wearing a mask

Texas 65-year-old woman arrested after refusing to mask up or leave Galveston bank, bodycam shows

Important to note: this woman should NOT have been arrested for this since it is no longer a mandate after the governor in TX let individual businesses decide what they want to do - the cop cannot enforce this as it is not a law, but a request by the business

Perfect comment below the article: GAlan 10 hours ago Imagine if that had been a 65 year old black woman . Bank would be burnt to the ground already . And I work security and saying we can do this the easy way or hard way is security / law enforcement 101 of things not to say . And also the police can’t remove someone from a private business unless the business agrees to actually press charges if the person doesn’t comply . The police aren’t security guards and if the action that led to the bank telling her to leave was not illegal then anything that followed was infringing on her rights . But hey we are now at the point where we have to ask permission to exercise our rights and everyone got here willingly . It was said once that a people that agrees to give up their freedom for their safety deserves neither .

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