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There is no shortage of truck drivers. That is simply not true.

A few things to consider: Many truck drivers are independent contractors.

Not planing for disruptions that are known variables is not gross incompetence, but willful fraud.

A few things to consider: Many truck drivers are independent contractors. Not eligible for unemployment benefits as they cannot be fired. Self-employed people cannot collect unemployment benefits. The state of California (Gavin Newsom) is somewhat responsible for the problem at the ports in L.A. There is no worker shortage per se, but CA is still paying people not to work. There is no labor shortage. There is no shortage of people who want to work. People who get to choose where they work do not want to work in CA. Bogus regulations and laws as well as high gas prices.

The people deemed to be essential workers during the pandemic; truck drivers, healthcare workers and law enforcement (when they were not busy making Tik-Tok videos) are now being chased away from their jobs. A lot of people wish they could be independent truck drivers right now. Don't like the rules? Ok, I will haul freight for someone else. No vax mandates for truck drivers. They are driving alone in the truck.

​ Immigrants have been pouring into this country and assuming the role of truck drivers for decades now - driving down the wages just like they have in every other industry. What happened to the 'piles of dead rideshare drivers' some predicted as those gig workers were 'living paycheck to paycheck' and would 'starve to death' if they could not work for a month, which they were forced to do during the pandemic? They are 1099 workers who did not qualify for benefits, just like truck drivers, but they did receive benefits because UBER is a government contractor and most of their drivers are minority immigrants.

UBER - a publicly traded company running a 6 billion dollar deficit propped up by the government. Sounds like a conduit for federal funding that is laundered back to shareholders in Congress who own UBER stock. They do the same thing with for-profit education.

The 'supply chain' issue is another government mandated manufactured crisis. The Biden/Harris admin has pushed every 'self-destruct' button on this country all at the same time. They are not stupid. They are getting away with it as you think that. There is no way that these people are this stupid. This is willful fraud disguised as gross incompetence.

This is lack of accountability also known as what they call 'equity.'

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