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there has never been more proof that the left is evil than now

The world economy will never be the same after the coronavirus epidemic has left us.

People have no idea what they are going to do and all the Left can think about is ushering in socialism. They are like that wicked family member who can't wait to collect on her mother's will. This fire called COVID19 is big enough to engulf all of the other little sins of fire that were coming to fruition. It is a marker of the Left to mask a fire by starting an even bigger fire. And there is no bigger fire than 'global pandemic.'

This charade with Nancy Pelosi is proof that the whole party was a sham from the beginning. They piss people off and then point them at Trump and say he is the cause of your problems.

Not only does Trump get blamed for everything even when it has nothing to do with him; they stop him from doing things and blame him for not being able to do it. The guy literally, seemingly had the best intentions of the country in mind and they hate him for it. Who are these people?

This is not about political differences. Brett Kavanaugh?

37 people were indicted as a result of phony Russia collusion.

Climate Change?

And they are going to get away with all of it. This fire has consumed all of the other smaller fires and the forensic stupidity of jizz guzzling morons like AOC.

In Orwellian fashion they are controlling the narrative in real time. I can feel the country slipping away from me. For me, there is no feeling of loss like this one. Hoplessness.

The next thing that is going to happen in google is going to start blocking access to information. This has already been happening. I used to think all this crap was an idiot's conspiracy theory. It's not. The lines of communication in this country are already socialist.

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