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The UFO lie: why are photos from Mars crystal clear, but UFO images from NAVY grainy and vague?

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Notice how 'official' images of UFOs are LESS clear and distinctive as technology gets better? Maybe the more vague you are, the less possibility that there will be any scrutiny. UFO images from the past are strangely representative of what people 'think' UFOs would look like from those time periods. Is that a coincidence?

Be careful for this article - 'artist renditions' mixed in with actual photographs, but it still proves my point: NASA's Mars helicopter has beamed back an otherworldly collection of photos and video from its first 4 flights

Here is the latest 'UFO' sighting that does not really look like anything...

Washington Examiner's Tom Rogan reacts to UFO seemingly capable of moving through air and water on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

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