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The U.S. Government is a bad marriage preparing for divorce

Updated: May 3, 2020

Imagine being married to Nancy Pelosi.

They don't care about us. All they do is fight.

Governments only last 200-250 years. We are right there.

Is Coronavirus real? If so, why are they doing this? Answer: They using this as an excuse for complete and total government intervention into our lives. For our safety?

Rahm Emanuel on coronavirus response: ‘Never allow a crisis to go to waste’

I have seen some insanely bizarre things come out of the mouths of people with the letters 'Dr.' before their name. I can't believe this is actually happening. Why are they doing this? So they can control you.

I want, I want, I want. Because I am bored. I feel like, so I must do it because my feelings are valid and therefore my opinions real because I feel them.

None of this is real. If you are on Team Pelosi, it is OK to defecate in the streets. But if you are on Team Trump, you can't go to church, open your business and you must wear a mask in public. And we are to believe that this came from a wet market in China.

They are not going to arrest an actual criminal for wearing a mask... In fact, they are letting them out of jail. Why? For their own safety? Explain this.

If the current admin will ever choose a time to present a demonstration of power, now is the time: Office of Director of National Intelligence says CNN coronavirus report 'contains inaccurate information'

We are being gaslighted

Teen in remote Amazonian tribe tests positive for coronavirus

Just a brief side note: Speaking of divorce, Chicago has a very low solve rate for murder. It is unbelievably low. I believe that as of 2 years ago (2018) they had a 5% solve rate for murder and only had a suspect 17% of the time. No matter. Try googling something now and you get 15 different results measured by 'slight of syntax' in a country where most adults don't know the difference between - too and to, their, they're and there, etc. The new Chicago Police Chief Supt who has not yet started in his role already comes full equipped with his own Kool-Aid that you must buy into - he reduced the crime in Dallas by 50%.... which is totally untrue. It doesn't matter and I would never suggest that the better option would be to take your spouse on a long weekend getaway to Chicago where she would meet with her untimely demise at your hand or simply taking an afternoon stroll down the mag mile. Burn baby burn.

But we are all Chicago now. Women, like Nancy Pelosi do this thing where they just constantly oppose everything you do and keep stoking the embers with constant defiance, nagging you to death until you just finally have to say, ....wait, what does the GOP say? Louder. I can't quite hear you. Who? Kavanaugh? Brett who? Yea, the GOP says nothing. Nothing worth listening to anyway. Nobody is ever held accountable.

Yesterday I read an article on the homepage of Fox News about how people are being paid more to not work during this #coronavirus crisis. A crisis which I believe is simply Trump Derangement Syndrome plus the flu. The only way we will know is if we compare all of the other death rates for the regular flu and other commonly related respiratory mortality rates from years past. Meaning, there were already well over 20,000 American deaths from the flu - the regular flu at the beginning of March - before all of this started. It does not matter now. When the house is on fire, put it out and then worry about who started it. Sometimes the one starting the fires is also the one putting out the fires. Or appearing to put out the fires.

For those of us who pay attention to things, this is the beginning of the end of our constitutional republic.

I learn a lot from people like Seth Leibsohn. Something I heard from him recently is that the first things that go away when a country makes a move toward communism are: religion and enterprise. For the record, Seth cannot control who his fans are.

If you had a business, the government has now told you whether or not you can continue to operate. You will be forced to 'take their help' to meet payroll, etc.

For those of you unfamiliar with how this works, think in terms of student loan debt. The government gives you, me, anybody the ability to take out a loan for an extremely large sum of money to 'invest in your future' and they then use this box you in. You don't comply with the Leftist agenda? You don't get a job, you don't pay back the loan and it screws up the rest of your life. I talked to a 58 year old woman yesterday who is a very intelligent person and she told me her student loans totaled $27,000. She currently owes over $100K and is paying back at over 8%. This is what the government will do to your business when you take their 'help.'

The loan can turn into a grant... Yea, here are a few ways this could work: You want that loan to be turned into a grant? Yes? How many minorities do you have working at your company? Not enough. Hire more. What type of green initiatives does your company comply with? Recycled paper? Electric cars? Ok, we can turn that loan into a grant, but first, we have to give you another loan and throw you further into debt. You know, for the hybrid vehicles, the diverse staff, the recycled paper we will make you buy and then a year later fine you for because you have not gone all electronic with your paperwork.

I propose a non-violent act of peaceful resistance and call on all of you to GO TO CHURCH THIS EASTER SUNDAY. I am a bad right-wing affiliate. I do not belong to a church. I will find one and I will occupy that space on this Easter Sunday.

Church closed? Drive to the parking lot and sit there in your car. Do you have courage? Are you really a god-fearing good little Christian or are you completely full of it? It is time for you to make a decision. You have allowed the Left to advance their narrative and turn the other way saying, "We are better than them. We don't do that." Well, now they took away what you say you stand for. What do you really stand for? Is there separation of church and state?

I was prepared to get into a fight yesterday with the rent-a-cop security guard 'counting' the number of people allowed to go into the grocery store at one time. You walk in, and there is more square footage per person than I have ever seen... So I do not know how they are calculating this... This is a pressure cooker.

They have shoved diversity into our faces. We have a bunch of people who cannot agree on how to communicate. Now, they want everyone to comply with a standard any nobody can agree on what that is. Good luck.

Update: I cam across this video from YouTube that basically describes what I said above.

If you are among the many who have recognized the idea that white people are being discriminated against NOW, just wait...

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