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The Sights and Sounds of The Times - Episode 3 - America in Purgatory

The rioters in Revolution 2020 have to be on drugs. I don't know any normal person who would do what they are doing. They seem to have an endless 'fuel' supply. Even with food and other things. Every day for the past few months I wake up and I know that I am not dreaming again. This shit is really fucking bad. I'm NOT in a clinically depressed state, but my ability to try and maintain a positive attitude is dwindling.

My tolerance has peaked and is now going in reverse. You know how Trump said, "For every new regulation I am going to roll back or eliminate 3 old ones?" That is how I am with affirmative action right now. You have pushed me to the point that has gone way beyond reasonable and everybody is kind of getting more and more on edge. I am not going to be able to take 99 more days of this.

'99 Days'

And will it stop if Biden is elected? Don't be so sure he won't be. If it is a fair process he won't, but will the Left even know or care?

There are people who think the mass destruction is acceptable. They can't really think that deep down. All of them Democrats. Do you really want more of this? I am dying for somebody to give me a good reason for being a Democrat right now. The injustice and two-tiered system of prosecution is getting way beyond fucked up.

They are literally letting people out of jail. A social justice answer for a social justice problem. That is how they do it.

I am not trying to be a dick, but if you have done the math and you have a business in a city like Chicago, you may or may not have come to grips with the fact you are not going to be able to continue to conduct business. It is a simple matter of math. Depends on what kind of business, of course.

These are the people I think about. What is going through their minds?

What am I going to do next? People do not like to hire 'independent thinkers' in Chicago. Trust me. I know. They don't like to hire business owners or anybody who is too capable or 'overqualified.' Experience rattles them and they won't have it.

The mayor will decide who gets what when she rebuilds the city in her image. She promised to, "educate people into compliance." That is her favorite phrase. That is real. I am not making it up. She uses this as her go to excuse every time somebody asks, 'how are you going to enforce these rules?' But never answers anything even remotely like this when a reporter asks her a question about crime. And mention Trump's name? She stomps her foot and walks like a penguin out of the room.

You need to understand this is all due to your local officials. They destroyed your business with their policies. Not a virus. Your government. And they did it because they are pissed off at Donald Trump. There is a lot of evidence to back up this claim.

Remember, gross incompetence does not absolve one of liability due to negligence. You like that? For all of the people who 'didn't know' that they were not supposed to 'do this' ala George Costanza.

A Black Trump Supporter was executed in broad daylight. How does that make white people feel? Now it is your fault that his own people killed him. Get it?

Black people burning shit down is like white people going to Disney World. This is fun for them. Yea, there are white people doing it too and they all have black friends - there you go parents. Good job being 'woke.' Now your kid is a fucking asshole too.

You can suck my fucking 9" white dick Black Lives Matter. You think this is going to do anything for race relations? HA HA HA.

I can't wait to see your 're-imagined cities' rebuilt in your 'identitarian' image.

You know they are GIVING homeless people drugs and booze in CA while letting them live in and destroy luxury apartments or hotels. I can't remember which. Read that again.

And what types of values are you supposed to be teaching your kid? That everybody is equal while watching this? I am not equal to these people. These people are not fit to lick the bottom of my shoes.

There is the perspective that is 'downplayed,' but how is that possible?

They are going to stop taking cash soon. I know this seems like a small thing, but it is really a big thing. Because they want to track every single transaction you make and now allow any of you virtue-signalling assholes who actually saved up cash, to use it.

Respected Milwaukee community figure, Trump and Black Lives Matter supporter, fatally shot in front of own store

I certainly didn't want this to happen and I don't know anyone who did. They are killing their own people. Still.

I still don't wear a motherfucking mask. It is the worst fashion accessory ever. The disposable regular ones are fine. The muzzle holster cloth face masks look like... I don't know what it looks like. I just know I don't want to look like that. Stay the fuck away from me and then you don't have to worry about it.

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