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The Sane Manual

Every day I have to get up and pretend that the world is not shit.

The world is shit.

Every day I wake up from what I wish was a dream, until I turn on the television and realize that it was not.

Every day I am losing my patience. Losing my patience for this:

Every day it becomes a 'thing' with the diversity that is being forced upon us.

JAYAPAL DISRESPECTFUL TRASH - They stone women to death for doing this in her native country. You shouldn't be allowed to be in Congress when you are going through menopause.

These people are not even close to being equal to me. Allowing anything but white men in Congress was a huge mistake.

Or, the 'thing' in the video above.

This trash is even WORSE - this is the Congressional Indian Caucus

Worse than black people like this:


The words that flow like shit from their mouths...

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