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The problem with black people is behavior, not racism

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

NRA mag 'America's First Freedom' did a piece a couple of years ago about the 'problem with the perception of black people and guns.' - This was not the exact title of the article.

While this incident has happened several times, I believe this particular story was about a black guy in a mall with a CCW who had a gun in his hand when cops arrived on the scene to respond to a call of an active shooter in the mall with a gun.

GET READY TO BE SURPRISED - Cops show up and see a black guy with a gun matching the description of the active shooter who does what when cops tell him to drop the weapon? Anybody want to guess? He doesn't do it. Anybody want to guess what happened next? Yea, they shot him.


What have we learned from this? Nothing. What we already knew is that the Left needs dead black people to advance their narrative. What else have we learned? That black people have a, let's call it a 'complicated relationship with the law.'

It is a small miracle that this does not happen more often. I am done talking about George Floyd. The lie of 'systemic white racism' leading up to the death of George Floyd has been built on a mountain of lies and fake hate crimes for far too long.

While many of you are just starting to lament the idea of the losing of your 1st Amendment rights, a guy named Colin Flaherty, a trailblazer, has been talking about the phenomenon he calls 'the greatest lie of our generation - black victimization' for years.

Colin has reported the news surrounding black criminality and large scale black mob violence without racism and rancor for years. He eventually had his best-selling book pulled from Amazon. I think the reason given was that the cover and title offended people. People who probably have never read the book, or any other book in their entire lives. Amazon was his publisher and distributor. This is why it is important that one or two companies not have a monopoly on the industry. Too late.

People should be reading 'Don't Make The Black Kids Angry' instead of 'White Fragility' which actually is a racist book - The life cycle of the false narrative of racism

With the accelerated rate of the destruction of our constitutional republic, the book burning will be right around the corner. It has already started. You have not seen the flames because a mere keystroke can delete a copy of a digital book.

A good thing to collect is print dictionaries. has been changing the meanings of words and adding additional entries. Example:


[ fash-ist ]


1. a person who believes in or sympathizes with fascism. 2. (often initial capital letter) a member of a fascist movement or party. 3. a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.

Getting back to the black community - This problem with behavior does make them a useful tool for the Left. Read this article outlining how the Left used the idea of 'racism' to outlaw free speech by putting people who are not held accountable for their behavior in positions of authority where now they break all the laws from government office, just like they do out on the streets.

How the Left took away ALL of your rights by doing just one thing - criminalizing free speech

The Left's solution to black people breaking the law and not behaving? Put them in charge of the the law and pretend that they are going to play by the rules. What do they do? They are in the process of enslaving you right now. They let all of their criminal friends out of jail, because they make the laws now - they don't really, but they break them with impunity and have no consistency from one ruling to the next or one day to the next like the DA in Georgia who ruled a taser is in fact a deadly weapon when it suited his purpose on that particular day and then shortly after that ruled that it was not a deadly weapon as he tried the Rayshard Brooks case on public television breaking all semblance of protocol violating both justice and the appearance of justice and just like that guy at the mall with the gun, standing there, the whole time, not even appearing to be capable of mentally processing that he is doing the legal equivalent of raping a bride on her wedding day.

The following article is a continuation of this discussion:

Chicago's crime problem is a behavior problem in leadership

Fox News Homepage about new gun ownership accidentally shows woman breaking the law

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Black Guns Matter’: The Racist History Of Gun Control_DAILYCALLER

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