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The Overton Window Is Stretched Out More Than Stormy Daniels’ Vagina (Opinion)

The Democrats have attempted to eliminate due process, the electoral college and just basic common sense stating things like it is racist to criticize black people and I believe Christine Blasey Ford so it is time for the men in this country to just shut up and stand up. The subversive nature of the Left knows no bounds.

Actively and openly discriminating against white males as some sort of bizarre attempt at revenge for something that did not happen, but was planted into the heads of the inferior Left as some sort of excuse for their shortcomings is just one of many examples of the Left accusing the Right of doing what, in fact, they are doing.

In the mind of the Left, the answer to the imaginary oppression propagated by the white male is to propagate real oppression against white males in the form of every type of discrimination you can imagine; from education and employment to housing and healthcare. Even entertainment was not immune to the “inclusion riders,” and for the end user, the cost of access to television and internet service has become almost unaffordable and for a vastly inferior product both in the quality of the entertainment itself and the reduced bandwidth so that it can be offered free or nearly free to people who cannot afford to pay for it.

The primary goal of Leftism is net worth equalization

Crime that has not been decriminalized has seen reduced or nonexistent prosecution creating a constant state of normalized violence alongside efforts to disarm law abiding citizens who are constantly being threatened by the completely intolerant Left screaming in the faces of people telling them that they had better like whatever disgusts them the most, otherwise the tyranny of the Left in the name of tolerance will smear you and your family and threaten your livelihood and not tolerate you at all and will physically assault you and your beliefs under the the name Antifa all the while claiming that they are fighting fascists.

The constant hysteria of the Left has produced mass shootings. Like the one in Dayton, OH, where the shooter supported and praised Satan, Socialism, Antifa, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Notice the symmetry in the collection of his interests. He obviously saw some parallels among those things he mentioned.

The Left constantly attacks people’s values because they do not have any of their own. Lack of morals is just one more thing that makes the Left feel inferior to the Right. Tolerance and acceptance are not the same thing. The Left is not at all concerned with tolerance or the causes they pretend to care about. They want to constantly force you to accept things that you do not like because they want you to be as miserable and worthless as they are.

They call Trump a Nazi by acting like Nazis themselves and then call themselves the antithesis of Nazis. It does not exist, so they create it and then say Trump did it.

Look at all of these horrible things that are happening under the Trump admin. Yea, all of the them originating from the Left.

There have already been actual deaths related to the real hysteria caused by imaginary problems and there will be more. The Right has shown an unbelievable level of tolerance and self-control amid all of the persecution, irritation and constant harassment from the Left which in and of itself is incitement of violence.

We need to clarify what constitutes a threat and when a shooting in self-defense is justified because that is where this is headed.



How much longer will the attacks on the American Right-Wing continue?

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