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The 'New Normal' is Not Acceptable

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When something extreme becomes the norm, you have established a new baseline for what is normal. Normalized violence is something that has been happening in our society for years. Now, the Left has replaced 'absence of merit' with 'racism' and used this to explain every disparity and at the same time has continued poking the tiger through the bars of the cage while uttering the odd proverb: 'He is a vicious dog. He defends himself when attacked.'

They get you all amp'd up based on the false narrative of racism and they just keep repeating it over and over and over again until people think that it is true just because they have heard it so many times. It is not true and now they are using the problem they created to advance the narrative while blaming it on you. It is like the movie 'The Village' by M. Night Shyamalan.

They are the ones who are being racist. There was nothing left to fight about. A few years ago it was a national topic of discussion that 'SNL did not have enough black writers.' I believe this came right after the Viola Davis rant (that is really hard to find on youtube now, incidentally) where she said 'it is not enough' about receiving an award. The 'bitch session' would later be 'why is only one black woman getting an award? There were 3 that were nominated. Why can't they all get awards?' I believe this was the same year as the false narrative of 'Hands Up Don't Shoot' courtesy of 'Saint' Mike Brown of Ferguson, MO.

America was doing really well when 'never let a good crisis go to waste' came out of the mouth of Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff to Barack Obama. The fear was that people were becoming really complacent and pacified with all of the aid handed out under he Obama Administration which was a result of the 'Housing Crisis' which was caused in the first place by giving loans to black people who could not afford to make their mortgage payments. The bad loans were then 'diluted' among a 'bundle' of good loans taken out by primarily white people. The end result of this? The home value of a responsible mortgage holder was depleted, while the 'criminals' ( remember 37 people were indicted as a result of a phony Russian dossier, many of them for 'lying on a mortgage application' AND THERE WERE NO DAMAGES - they paid back the loans) received monetary compensation for their efforts when they were labeled 'victims' of predatory lending.

In the meantime, they took some of those homes that people lost due to the actual net-negative effects of the housing crisis and turned them section 8 and let the people who caused all of the problems in the first place move right in. Sound familiar? People have very short term memories about something that happened only 12 years ago. So maybe that was really the start of the 2020 Revolution. It is hard to say, really.

What about all of these cyber attacks that were happening daily in government offices, not private companies and small businesses - large businesses and government offices. The most notable was the cyber attack on the government offices in Baltimore, MD under he supervision of Mayor Jack Young. This one lasted about 2 MONTHS. Look at where these attacks are happening and how much money they are getting and think about what a great way to infuse a bunch of money into a government office without having to really prove what the money is for. Computer virus, actual virus - Coronavirus - is any of it real? It is the handling of it or the response to it that is the real problem. Because just like the 'expert' medical opinion of those tasked with handling the public perception of that - people know even less about cyber crimes and because everything is often backed up, you just have to restore it. So where does all the money go?

This is all tied to data collection which they can do without any warrant whatsoever because you agree to the TOS of the 'Google Software' that comes preinstalled on your device and you cannot delete it. And if you have an iPhone, you cannot delete the Health App either. They need only issue a subpoena for your Google records which contains EVERYTHING.

A judge in Chicago issued a subpoena for ALL of Jussie Smollett's Google Data. ALL OF IT. In the Chicago Press Corp, things are often moved, deleted, changed after they have been published, so stories like this one become difficult to prove. I read it with my own eyes. There is at least one story per day that I take screen shots of now because I already know they they are going to be deleted or moved and that I am going to get into trouble for remembering them. Your phone is your barcode.

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