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#COVID19 A lot of people still don't realize what the fuck is going on out there right now

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This is my favorite cover for this book:

And the only way that everyone can be equal is if you make everyone as dumb as the dumbest person in the group. They are impervious to criticism as they are cloaked in the shield of identity politics. It is their platform. It is what protects them. What I am calling the 'identity politicians.' #Leftists

I have seen a lot of bad information come out of the mouths of people with the letters 'Dr.' in front of their names. I have seen a lot of diversity in objective and protocol. A lot of gross incompetence.

This virus is being used to transfer the country from a constitutional republic to socialism.

The strategy is this: make your identity your platform. Then, when they attack your policies, you say they are attacking you; because you made your platform your identity. A slight of hand. These same people think Copperfield actually made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

And I think they have already burned the books by the name of the other Copperfield. I have been noticing for awhile now that the new introductions to works by classic writers are met with the pretense that they are all racist. I am not kidding, pick a random reprint of a great work by a famous author - which they will be if they are still in print - and read about how he was a racist and a product of the times. The times when men had souls.

And now we are here. The Mexican bartender is cheering because the price of oil fell into negative territory today. 4/20/2020. This date will be in history books in the future. The headline will read something like this, 'President Trump caused thousands of deaths by reopening the economy too soon.' Conspiracy theorists are starting to look like they are not that fucking crazy anymore.

But what will history say about this? Orwell said, in 1984, those who control the past control the future and those who control the present control the past. Think about it this way: the present is the future past. Or in other words, we are being manipulated right now.

Oprah did a video stream with the Mayor of Chicago recently about how they were shocked to find that #COVID19 is racist. I am not exaggerating, unfortunately. And they are also just opening up the doors and letting them out of prisons right now while arresting people who don't wear masks in public. Unless you are a poor criminal, then you are a victim of the racist virus.

This is why more black and brown people have it: because they do not practice hygiene the same way that white people do - but you can't even say this or else, you guessed it, you are a racist.

Chicago is entirely run by black women now. I call them the hair hat mafia. Also consider, coming out of the mouth of the black lesbian mayor of Chicago:

Cops are racist, laws are racist, poverty is racist, all disparity, inequity, inequality is racist, even totally illogical things have to be believed if one is to survive... Which is how we all arrived here. The nagging wife that you defer to until you kill or divorce her. Deference. Being polite is what brought us here.

Donald Trump was elected because he said something to the effect of, 'sit down and shut up and wait your turn. You are being rude.'

The gaslighting that is occurring in the media as we speak is literally Orwellian. We are witnessing it happening in real time. I think a lot of people still really don't realize what the fuck is going on out there right now. I am going to change the title of this piece to THAT!

The old title was: The Left loves it when things are equal.

We are literally being divided into two classes at this very moment: the upper class and the lower class. Think about it.

There are going to be businesses that are never going to reopen. High unemployment is going to be the new normal. And guess what they are going to do IN WHAT I PREDICT is going to be the seminal moment in Trump's Presidency - And it pains me to say this:

They are going to not only NOT let him ever build a wall, they are going to make him grant amnesty to all of the illegal immigrants that are here by withholding AID, unemployment benefits, what will be common welfare from the American people... the sickening headlines and the debauchery that the soul of this country will suffer will never be repaired. We will have lost the war for America's soul.

UPDATE: 5/13/2020:

House Democrats' coronavirus package includes ‘amnesty’ for some illegal immigrants, critics say

The lines of communication in this country have already been socialist for some time now and nobody did anything about it, just like nobody will do anything about it when people realize that Trump will be the last Republican President that the USA will ever have. The GOP has not fought for anything for some time now.

Right Wing internet groups - gone. They are shutting them down even faster now. On the Left, nothing but protest groups and resistance groups, on they Right, they can't even talk about peacefully protesting the reopening of the country without being pushed off of Facebook? Are you fucking kidding me?

Facebook and Twitter facilitated a series of actions that led to some major changes that took place in my life. Changes which I was threatened by a court of law to not reveal as it would expose their corruption. Blue states make up their own laws.

Nobody has ever gotten revenge for what happened to #BrettKavanaugh. And yes, I mean revenge.

I don't know what to do. Preppers planned for it They are happy as hell right now. Like the gays being allowed to to married. But not as happy as the baby so easily aborted.

I wrote this in my notes a week ago:

Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe

I am noticing that in reading the introduction before the novel begins of a reprint of the works of famous authors that many of them are being portrayed in one way or another as racist for describing the times in which they live. I dedicate this post to Colin Flaherty. This is the opinion of those pulling the shades in front of the Overton window. This is what leads to the country is racist, its history is racist and therefore the constitutional republic itself is racist.

In the introduction of this reprint by Penguin:

Like most writers, Wolfe was both a product and a recorder of his era. Many modern readers cringe at the racism of the society Wolfe portrays and the attitudes of his characters where race and ethnicity are concerned. His description of African-American characters and Jewish characters is particularly troubling. Because his books are so autobiographical, it is often difficult to establish whether he's portraying racism, condemning it, or perpetuating racist stereotypes in is turn. [It is not enough that the people were racist. The times were racist.] - It is my opinion that it has to be exhausting, trying to figure out whether or not anybody is any good or not based on how they look.

The end of the intro was good:

Wolfe's obsessive sense that we are forever strangers to one another, equally marked for death, looking hopelessly for 'the lost lane-end into heaven', as he says in the prose poem that opens the novel.

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