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The Left - It's Not You - It's Them

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I am completely ignored by everyone all the time, except when I am not wearing a mask.

I hate people. For a good decade now, I have been asking myself;

'Why does everything suck?'

'Why are products and services exponentially worse?'

'Why does everything cost more and take longer?'

'Why, why, why?'

The answer is that the Left destroys everything they touch.

Diversity belongs in entertainment only: books, movies, music, restaurants, museums, etc.

Assimilation with traditional American values has been criminalized by the Left and the destruction of exceptionalism is an attack on me and you and the United States of America.

Have you ever sent a tweet after proofreading it twice and it still goes out wrong? Twitter Autocorrect - I have seen others complain about this as well and I have seen very popular accounts by very intelligent people who rarely make mistakes experience this.

'been been' - do you know the difference between a typo, spelling error and tech sabatoge?

One wild prediction I have is that you will see the order of letters changed on a keyboard - this would really fuck things up.


This is what I propose for subversive actors in all positions of government - removal from your offices, just like this black judge who was dragged out of the court room:


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