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CHICAGO: The jig is up for Cook County SA Kim Foxx

It is fairly easy these days to connect the dots that paint a picture of corruption. The office of Foxx told her prosecutor to 'justify the shooting of Adam Toledo' by claiming he was armed without allowing the prosecutor to view the video.

A justified shooting would, of course, cover up the trail that leads back to Foxx - who released Ruben Roman back onto the street and who presumably put the gun into the hand of Adam Toledo. The jig was up on this claim when the video showed Toledo was not 'technically' armed, but that has nothing to do with the officer's perception of a threat and the fact that Toledo ignored police commands.

Roman was charged as a result of the circumstances that led to the death of Toledo. The circumstances that resulted from him being released back onto the street as a result of the policies of Kim Foxx. So again, she tries to cover the trail of responsibility that leads back to her.

The path of corruption is lined with people who were just doing what they were told. And now those people are merely the collateral damage (prosecutors fired by Foxx) necessary to create the illusion of accountability. When, in fact, the entire process was designed to obscure transparency in the office led by Soros funded prosecutor Kim Foxx.

CWB Chicago wrote a good synopsis of the events here:

Prosecutor pens letter as top Foxx deputy is forced out: “We’re holding on by a thread, Kim.”

The paradox of what I call 'the corporate buy-in.' Anyone familiar with climbing the ladder in a corporate environment is familiar with how this works: Do what we say, or you could get fired - but remember, doing what we are telling you to do can also get you fired.

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