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The Grid - The Lines of Communication in this country are already socialist.

Technology controls everything you do. The grid is connected to everything you do. It is there and it is real.

Some people obsess about it, some know it exists and care not to think about it (because they are not doing anything wrong, yet). And the other group has completely embedded themselves into how you are perceived based on what you consume and use this 'grid' to persuade you to behave in a certain manner that involves controlling not only the language you use, but the ideas you express by ultimately 'controlling' the lines of communication with regard to what you have access to and what you are allowed to transmit, or respond to.

Think of it like a loaded survey. I did not learn much in grad school, but I learned how to construct a loaded survey to produce a desired outcome.

You present a person with a series of choices. You make one obvious and one obviously unpleasant. You then split he difference between the two where you identify a person based on what they like because you are privy to the answer of the first question and then you compare it to what they are equidistantly repulsed by, and then you present an option based on what they are more likely to choose combined with whatever you are selling. This is marketing in a nutshell.

I missed my calling. I always thought I would have had a career in marketing.

I thought that it was about selling stuff, like yourself, like your skills, like your sexual prowess. It is. But certain types of things are no longer allowed to be sold - like ideas.

Hey, I have an idea. let's run a PSA stating that 'if you do what the police officer says, you won't get shot.' That is considered hate-speech among anti-racist academics. I have the proof. These are the people developing the academic curriculum for your children who you will ci-sign for on a student loan so that they can go to a university that you know is garbage; from which your child we will taught to hate you and return home the opposite gender they left with only to tell you (after spending all that money) that you are a racist piece of shit. And they will have the over-priced piece of paper to prove it. That you paid for.

If that kid took a leak in the holy water in third grade, it will be all over the day after that kid achieves their goals in life and lands that job of their dreams and starts a family and runs for congress and then some over-socialized non-gender-conforming hashtag asshole decides to post it online. And now, your straight-A student who has grown up to be a lovely woman with great prospects and dating a straight white male that you actually like - this little snot nosed piece of shit does not understand why people get shot at routine traffic stops. This is the motherfucking asshole who is going to be teaching your kids. The anti-racist educator.

They form online communities who donate to causes, like letting people out of prison who have been arrested after rioting and then looting and burning your businesses. Humanitarians, they call themselves.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot. 'Lo-ri Light-foot' 4 syllables. Just like 'Keyser Soze.' Both of them completely full of shit, but somehow seem convincing to whom? The venomous lesbian crotch holes that scoop up forgotten memories of 'Sex In The City' while screaming about how they hate cock unless you are dressed in a rumpled grey suit that never fits with that cigarette ash butt of a head while we all sit here and listen to you lie, cheat and steal?

Any time you would like to start acting like a mayor, we are ready for you to do so. It was your mistake taking up the social justice warrior project in a major city, but in reality Soros has been funding projects like this since the late 80s. Article here:

This game of 'systemic racism' and funding subversive prosecutors, lawyers and judges combined with the implementation and continuance of Chinese technology - that we all rely on to function each and every day is just a couple of broad strokes that explain why you are connected to what some people know as 'the grid.'

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