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THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC - I feel like an amateur documentarian observing the end of the world

Or at least, the end of the U.S.A... Let's call this one: Trump vs. The World

I heard Dennis Prager say that if you want to know if you are thinking clearly, write something down and then go back and read it later and see if it makes sense. This is why I put up this website.

It is difficult to objectively look at a situation when you are 'inside of' that situation. People who often eventually find their way out of bad situations sometimes don't even realize that they were 'inside of' something highly irregular, but rather seemingly normal to them.

Like everyone else, I have observed the coronavirus situation on a screen, through the lens of doctors, first responders, the heroes of our communities and the non-government 'essential workers,' as if anything could be more degrading than being forced to work and assume the risk.?! If you work at a grocery store or Walmart, they are forcing you to work, but in a lot of cases you would make more money if they laid you off.

Imagine this through the lens of a family who is forced to vacation together. Imagine this as a senior year student missing their prom. Imagine this was someone just about to open a business or someone who owns a business and who just spent a lot of money on advertising for Q2 and then could not open their doors to customers. Is your job going to be there when this is all over? Companies love excuses to let people go. Companies that had nothing to do with the mortgage industry were using the 'recession' as an excuse to cut cut cut and tell the rest of the workforce that they were lucky to have a job at all back in 2008.

It is my opinion that this 'global pandemic' was a calculated maneuver. Every single conspiracy theorist starts out by saying, "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, BUT....." I am seeing a lot of normal people saying, huh, it turns out a lot of those conspiracy theorists don't look so crazy after all.


The MSM news media goes back and forth between; stay home because there is a global pandemic and if you come within 6 feet of another person, the entire human race is going to die - and - now here is a tribute to our first responders with a bunch of doctors singing and dancing.... like it is some kind of holiday parade... for the end of the world. WITNESSING THE MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION OF PROPAGANDA IN REAL TIME IS DISTURBING.

I saw this tweet this morning from Chicago's very own Dan Proft:

We don't even know how real this virus even is yet. I did not write that last sentence lightly because I really hope that what I am suggesting is not true. All I know is: Nancy Pelosi and Co. have literally proposed another 'investigation' into Trump's handling of... the global pandemic. As if we have empirical data, to compare. These people could literally politicize a turd.

There is nothing that breaks the spirit like the loss of momentum.

The apathy is settling in. The good Christian Conservatives didn't go to church on Easter. They have proven that they fear their government more than they fear God. People are being paid more to NOT go to work. So I guess we really do know who occupies all non-government 'essential worker' jobs in this country - the ones who DON'T or CAN'T quit or get forcefully laid off but who would get paid more to do so are probably undocumented. It makes no sense to go to work to make less money. Hard worker -yes. Day labor mentality - yes, meaning if they had the option to quit, they would and return to work the second they could make one penny per hour more. This will turn into - this country literally could not function without illegal immigrants...

I read a tweet by Jennifer Van Laar @ Red State a few days ago about how Gavin Newsom sent the manufacture of safety masks to the country that started the whole Coronavirus mess, China. He could have used a local manufacturer in the state of CA with the same company. So he not only said, fuck you to American workers, he said fuck you to America.

Blue states are NOT going to burn to the ground after all. In 2008 the taxpayer bailed out large companies. In 2020, the taxpayer is going to bailout entire states. WOW~!

Blue states are just pouring as much gasoline as they possibly can onto this fire called COVID-19 so that they can just blame it for everything else.

People are realizing how tightly the Left holds the reins of communication in this country. The internet is a wholly socialist environment. They own the infrastructure, they own access to all of the information that you willingly submit to social media sites, and through your 24 hour surveillance monitor that you not only carry around with you, but pay for.

Right now, they are monitoring your response to this crisis much in the same way that Nielsen used to monitor your responses to their shows. They are getting your feedback in real time. They scrape things off the internet that they do not like or just make it a pain in the ass to access the information you are looking for. Not the information that they want you to see, but the information that you are looking for.

People who at least try to get things right don't use Wikipedia, but most people do and there are already many entries composing the narrative for what is going on with regard to the coronavirus and the economy.

You pay for the government to monitor you 24 hours a day in exchange for access to information that you voluntarily submit back to them. It is becoming extremely difficult to find access to information through Google. That is, access to info that is damaging to the narrative. For example, I can no longer find a link to the article I came across a few years ago that, I believe, said that Google has 67 different pieces of information that they collect about a user that have nothing to do with the service itself. They can record your sitting position in front of a device, the approximate size of the room by measuring room ambiance or acoustical characteristics through the microphone of your device or phone. YOU CAN'T DELETE IT FROM YOUR PHONE.

People do not realize how dangerous this is especially in a situation where the narrative is literally being manipulated in real time before our eyes. The Left turns everything into a narrative and the Right only talks about the Left. They don't do anything to stop it. Lindsey Graham is out there talking about this 'terrible loop hole' through which people are paid more to not work and he says, "we have to do something about that..." But, HE SIGNED IT!

The Left, AOC, the economics major is telling people that they should refuse to go back to their old way of life WORKING A JOB... Ian Schwartz @ Real Clear Politics WTF is going on out there? Every day I feel the walls closing in around me. Literally every day. It has been 6 weeks and I went to three fucking stores yesterday and they still don't have any god damn toilet paper. Who the fuck told these people to buy all the toilet paper? Am I ever going to be able to buy hand wipes ever again?

COVID19. Pelosi let's them shit in the streets in San Francisco. But it was an incendiary beast/bat encounter at a wet market in China that leveled the playing field for the world economy. Remote tribe in the Amazon is reporting cases, Papua New Guinea... How? Why would anyone even be testing these people?

I wake up every day like I am a character in some kind of movie. What should I be preparing for? I don't even know. Should I do nothing?

For the record: not everyone appreciates me linking back to them. You can't choose who your fans are. I do this when I am citing a source. I understand that because of my chosen style of communication that not everyone appreciates being cited by me.

I found this on twitter right after I published this article so I am adding it at the end here. But yes, there are a lot of us out there who don't need to be told what to think.

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