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The coronavirus is the least of our problems right now

but it is the baseline for the great reset. The entire government got us all to believe in this gigantic lie to both measure our level of compliance and see how we would respond to 'other people's fear' - like when Maxine Waters threatens people and then tells a news reporter who asked for a follow up comment that she was being "confrontational." Race-flopping.

Accusing you of threatening them when you try to defend yourself from their false allegations. That was your first amendment, due process and the second amendment disappearing all at the same time.

The masks, the distancing, the vaccine. There were almost ZERO recorded flu deaths last year AFTER the lockdown. But there were 10s of thousands of documented flu deaths PRIOR to the lockdown that same year. Empirical data on the 'flu' for prior years and that anomaly is statistically equal to the 'more than highly likely probability' that all of these catastrophes benefit the Democrat Party in their timeliness.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. And when you do not have a crisis, invent one.

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