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The case for being a pernicious bastard

Updated: May 25

5/25/21 - Deference is how we arrived here. When you do not shun people who do not belong in the same arena, you are cultivating stupidity.

I added this introduction 8/16/2020

As I watch the unequal behavior of the Left once again - the substandard trash we allow to be called 'human' in the Dem party, I am reminded of my famous essay - The Case for Being a Pernicious Bastard. Please read why you deserve to be consumed by the Left in every way shape and form if you decide to continue being polite to those who are in the process of manipulating the system so that they can exclude you from it. Thank you for your time:

We arrived here as a society through deference. The time to be a pernicious bastard is upon all of us. Politeness as a replacement for requiring manners from those who refuse to assimilate with traditional American values has gotten us into a lot of trouble.

The 'disparity gap' in the two-tiered justice system we enjoy is 'tolerance.' That tolerance is the result of deference. That tolerance has become black supremacy and black privilege.

Just as the Left creates extremism through their intolerance by not assimilating with traditional American values - by attacking those who either do not conform to the Left, those who are then forced to move further right to escape the crosshairs of the Left - they forgo the disposition of decorum (this was mentioned several times during the impeachment hearings) that is required in the assumption that there are nuances of professionalism.

To be rude (in response to rudeness) to one of these individuals is simply to communicate on their level. Their defiance and contempt for the professional process is not only subversive but dictates the responses (criticism) that they deem to be unpleasant. In other words, they not only cause the unprofessional reaction to their behavior by acting unprofessionally / they themselves are unprofessional by definition and then criticize you for adopting their own style of communication. Which is just another example of them exercising their supremacy and the two-tiered system of communication.

There is a professional level of discourse, that, when not followed, shows contempt for the system of process. There is a difference between things that start off ugly and things that get ugly because of not aligning yourself with standard protocol of decorum.

One could argue that it is racist to be polite to people who do not deserve it. Rather than pandering to identity politicians whose cultural norms favor the obscure when it comes to nuances of professionalism, we should act as if they are capable of the same behavior as the rest if us (even though they have not demonstrated it) and hold them accountable.

They know this. The shield of 'identity politics' could only be achieved with black people. For those of you saying, "It is not because they are black." It is. You are wrong. It is precisely because they are black that they are impervious to criticism and therefore on the front line of advancing the narrative of Leftism.

Identity politicians make their identity their platform and then when you criticize their policies they say you are criticizing them.

A person who cannot demonstrate a consistent and professional manner of behavior cannot be relied upon to make good decisions on behalf of their constituents because they have demonstrated that they do not know how to behave. Therefore, they are unable to control their own behavior let alone dictate policies regarding the behavior of others.

The ramifications of being polite:

For example: The Greek Debt Crisis and its impact on the Euro zone caused damage to several major countries who refused to kick Greece out of the room when those world leaders knew Greece was lying about the financial health of their country.

'This American Life' did a piece about this several years ago that I highly recommend. you can find it here:

For it has been being polite to people who do not deserve it that caused the two-tier justice system we have today. The disparity gap (one bar is way up here and the other way down there) in unequal treatment for people has been caused by being polite. That gap in the two-tired justice system is tolerance. We accept substandard behavior from certain groups of people who take away our rights when they implement their own.

We arrived here at this point in society wherein the dumbest among us are now deciding what everybody can and cannot do. Surprise, it turns out they can do whatever they want to do no matter how heinous and despicable their actions and if any one of us so much as criticize them, we have committed some kind of hate crime.

Congresswoman Fredrica Wilson has publicly stated that it should be illegal to criticize members of Congress and we are on the way there. There have been several articles written 'in defense of' Soros backed prosecutors like Kim Foxx in Chicago and Kim Gardner in St Louis who call criticism of their actions, which constitute prosecutorial misconduct, 'racist.'

Radiolab Debatable - A prime example of how we arrived here through deference:

The above link is an excellent example of the case for being a pernicious bastard. One of the best college debate teams in the country loses a debate competition to a ghetto hood rat school in the suburbs of Chicago because the inferior debate team calls the entire competition racist. Woke judges agree.

When substandard behavior, merit, and achievement is obvious, like in the case of AOC and other identity politicians, criticism of the individual's performance becomes necessary, but is deemed a racist action in itself. Feelings of inferiority are one of the primary drives in the advancement of the narrative of Leftism. They know they are substandard and pretend to have 'hurt feelings' when criticized to manipulate you when trying to hold them to the same standard as everybody else.

Their version of 'fair' is as unequal and unjust as their abilities and these people who just wanted a 'seat at the table' are now flipping it over. And you are letting them do it...


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