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The Axiom of Revenge #RAZE

This is an excerpt from a fiction novel I am working on... (below)

Put this in the axiom

Sometimes I wish I were dead. Almost nothing gives me pleasure anymore.

I was raised by parents who told me that I did not deserve to have anything in life unless I suffered for it and in fact, I did not even deserve what I already had because I had not yet suffered enough for it.

I have not spoken with my parents in over a decade and hopefully they will be dead soon, to relieve them of all their suffering and the suffering that they have imposed upon others. They are already dead inside my mind.

I have decided that it is best to live life to seek out revenge for those who have demonstrated that life is not fair based on actions that are not fair that act in opposition to what my parents told me were the keys to success: to work hard and stay out of jail and go to school; all of the things that are now disregarded like homework and the possibility that opportunities would present themselves without the advertisement - as if someone would take the time to notice your hard work and character and your ability to make responsible decisions but also sometimes reap the benefits of measured rewards and offer suggestions to elevate the status of one’s potential instead of viewing life like it was a Classic play where the lawyer has morals and takes the purpose of law into his own hands to do with it what he thinks is in the best interest of society instead of his client.

Who among us has not met a lawyer he did not want to murder in cold blood?

Technology and the law are two interesting professions. Purposely complicated and convincingly ‘under the purview of your knowledge.’ Not so. In both professions, some kind of action could take as little as a day or two to complete, but instead, they charge you by the hour and drag out the process. In most industries this is referred to as price fixing.

Without going into detail, it would be interesting to subject both state and local governments to the vulnerability of cyberattacks in order to insure them that they could be legally described as competent. The taxation of the inability of our elected officials to perform the functions of their stated purpose while maintaining the integrity of the flow of information that is dispersed through the legal offices of practicing attorneys within your district - in order to ensure that they maintain accurate records and the filtering through which the information is readily available to the traditional avenues of the press through legally defined methods - which you will be updated on when your access to local and state law enforcement databases are back online. Call our 800 number if you have any questions.

Outside consul would have to be mandated… See the Federal government does not have to take over your local state governments if they can just control what they do with technology.

Doing an illegal background check with a federal database preemptively after someone passes a background check for a firearm and the using that as a false basis to establish ‘fear’ - POST EMPTIVELY - to be used against a person to lean on them in a civil manner is by textbook definition against the law and it is also illegal to ‘red flag’ someone in a state before there were even any red flag laws established in that state, or, eavesdropping laws.

Multiple disbarable offenses right there inside the courtroom, just like were presented at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.


How about the multiple layers of taking away ‘self-defense.’ Seems like a self defeating purpose.

I had a black lawyer and I will never hire another one.

I had other lawyers too. But the black lawyer acted like a Black lawyer that did not care for white people very much. And he was not a public defender. Disbared, if only in my mind. - or dragged to death behind my truck in the ‘fiction version’ of a novel that is ‘not at all related to real life’ that I am pretty sure will sell a lot of fucking copies. But it is fiction, so don’t you worry about it during that next upgrade to your new network software. - signed, the IT guy

How throughly have you checked the backgrounds of the people who are performing updates to your databases with regard to third party companies? - for state and local governments, that is? Are they 'equitable' good?

The nepotism runs deep. Like a bad cop novel that turned into the hit TV Show DEXTER.

I can picture it now. How devastating to think that we could not just all get along. Now this.

There is a lost romance and a sound of music and picture of words that fades into the background as THE GREAT RESET brings us to this. You should have just left me the fuck alone.

God I love revenge

It was the motherfucking gas cards


Piles and piles of fraud - report coming soon

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