• RAZE

The Air

There is something about the air. The vibrations. That is what defines a time and place. Even if things are not going your way. Especially when they are not going your way. You find your way back by breathing deeply. There is something about the air.

The change of seasons. The way you feel during those pockets between seasons changing. The temperature is just right and the song from a car passing by does not annoy you, because it is in the air. There is something about the air.

Now there is something in the air. There are walls where there used to be air. There are masks and there are thought police. There are street thugs and gutter punks running our country. And they are calling us the racists.

At work, at school, on TV - embedded into all of your apps and banner ads, you agree to the terms of service of the new normal. Every day a new threat presents itself. The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other color. envy, money, self-defense

Everything you witness on the news is lie of some kind. There are various degrees of 'untruths.' There is hyperbolic exaggeration, leaving out key parts of the story or flat out eliminating due process or other sorts of ethics, rules and even laws when they become inconvenient.

The narrative is all that matters. That is what is in the air right now.

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