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The 2020 Revolution is like the black version of 'We Are The World'

What we are seeing played out in society right now is the black musical version of 'We Are The World' - "We are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day, just you and me."

Obama, Please. Somebody needs to grab that nappy little Black Lives Matter bitch telling telling people that 'looting and rioting is reparations' by the weave and make her take an economics course from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The biggest fraud of them all.

God these fucking people are not fit to lick the bottom of my shoes.

I don't want to hate them because they are black, but they are giving me no choice. And it is the ones in Congress that I am mostly upset with. They are the ones letting this happen to our statues and monuments and laws and every other thing that represents the great uniquely American country that they are destroying with their own cultures. The cultures that produced the shitholes they came from.

Tyrannous bastards. I looked up one day and all the white people were gone where I used to live in Chicago. It just dawned on me all at once. For the majority of my life I thought it was me and not them. It is them. The Democrats. All of them. Leftism.

If you can control their behavior, you can use them to undermine our society and that is what they did. Leftism.

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