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The 2020 Revolution

Sometimes lately I feel as though the air has just a little less oxygen.

It is almost like the the 'screen of life' what you see through your eyes

is just a little more dim, missing pixels.

Like it is just never going to be as bright as it ever was again.

I love that sentence. The one before the last one. Well, the one before the one before that one now.

Think about that.

I am fucking with your head right now. None of this is real. Coronavirus, the lockdown - it was all man made and it was all exacerbated by diversity and globalization - that they said was so good for us. And Trump saved us and so now they are attacking him and his entire family, who are not used to being disrespected, by the way, while simultaneously starting a race war and getting us to believe that the lowest scum of the earth, a black woman with a PhD on an ABC Town Hall completely talks to the President of The United States, Donald J. Trump, like he is a piece of shit and gets away with it. While she, BTW, with her PhD claims to all of the sudden say that 'since Donald Trump took office...' - how long has this woman with probably all of this 'free college' been taking care of herself and not know how the health care system works? Her out of pocket did not sound that bad for a woman who is as jacked up as this one is. How much does a black woman with a PhD make? Mote than she deserves, that is for sure.

Same with lawyers. And Soros funded prosecutors. Who took the bar exams for Soros-funded prosecutors? Is there any way to look this up? We determined that Lori Laughlin should go to jail for trying to bribe her way into a college where black kids probably go for free and Laughlin is the one going to jail...because there are not enough seats for someone else...who probably got in there for free, I mean, who really earned a seat.

But it is so likely that these knucklhead prosecutors had somebody else take the bar exams for them. They are hood rats with a license to practice law.

Too much work to get voter ID CARDS, but not at all that difficult to become a lawyer if you are black. Why is that? They have a 'complicated relationship with the law' and they are at the lowest performing spectrum in every aspect of education, who the hell are these superstars taking over the most opportunistically subversive government positions right now?

These mostly black ladies are not that smart. Look at the Soros DAs and then zoom out and the Soros members of Congress who are very dangerous right now. You never want to go 'full identitarian' it is an animal even its creator may not be able to control.

I am very fearful that in certain American cities, the Left has literally become some sort of Wakanda. I never saw the movie. I get the idea.

If a crooked mayor and prosecutor and police chief supt all drink the same Wakanda Koolaid at the same time, the city becomes Wakanda. Remember hearing about those Swedish 'no go zones?' I wonder how those are doing now. Refugee villages and early civil war battle sites like Minneapolis and Portland are now regular fixtures in the fabric of American society. I can feel it like a heavy fog on my spirit and drive and the American way.

It is like a dust storm but humid and you can't see as clearly as you normally do and you are breathing just fine, wearing your mask - which I am certain has some sort of very negative psychological effects to consider it normal to do this now.

Have you tried to go out on a date with this mask shit? Are you kidding me?

When I ask myself, 'Why is god doing this to me?' I left it lower-case 'g' for a reason.

'It is almost as if everything you love just had puke all over it. That is what the 2020 Revolution feels like to me.'

The day after I wrote this, this article appeared on #Breitbart

Two Near-Simultaneous Explosions Rock Apartments in Swedish Cities

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