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‘Talking’ about election fraud is why these Trump supporters are being held in jail

Updated: May 29

Prosecutors have admitted that they are holding Trump supporters in jail - NOT for misdemeanor trespassing at the Capitol building on Jan 6, 2021, but for no other reason than prosecutors believe that, if released, they may ‘talk’ about election fraud, which they feel is a danger to society worthy of imprisonment.

Everyone is familiar with Jacob Chansley, aka QANON Shaman, who has been locked up in Washington D.C. and is being held without bail. There is another 18-year-old man named Bruno Cua, who is being held for the same reason - for fear he might talk about election fraud. According to federal prosecutors, his rants on Parler make Bruno a national menace.

From the Gateway Pundit article:

(Jacob Chansley)

’The prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Paschall, argued that Chansley should not be released because he might talk about election fraud once he is released.’

Link to GP article: PURE MARXISM: Prosecutor Argues Pro-Trump “Shaman” Jacob Chansley Should NOT Be Released Because He Might ‘Push False Claims of Election Fraud” Once Released

From the AM Greatness article:

(Bruno Cua)

‘Bruno’s refusal to accept that Joe Biden fairly won the presidency is more proof he should stay in jail, prosecutors say. “The offenses committed by the defendant illuminate characteristics inconsistent with a person who could follow orders given by this Court, or indeed, any branch of the federal government. The defendant has espoused disbelief in the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, and violently acted on that world view.”’

‘Investigators accuse Bruno of shoving a police officer in a hallway; the officer involved cannot recall what the perpetrators looked like but the FBI claims to have video evidence. “He is not alleged to have participated in the violent breach of police lines, breaking windows, or otherwise forcefully entering the Capitol,” Bruno’s lawyers argued in a petition for pretrial release. “He is not accused of using the baton or engaging in any other physical violence, property damage, or theft.”’

Link to AM Greatness article: A Family on Trial for January 6

Think about this - if you are charged with misdemeanor trespassing, but are thrown in jail and held there because the prosecutors ‘think’ you will ‘re-offend’ (repeat an action they are not claiming you were arrested for) and are a ‘danger to society’ because they believe you will talk about election fraud, in effect, you are being held in jail not for trespassing, but for exercising non-violent free speech. Which, up until this point was not illegal.

These are same prosecutors who routinely release violent criminals, who routinely re-offend. They have made the ‘equitable’ decision that free speech is a danger to society when it comes to topics counter to the Left-wing narrative.

Prosecutors handling cases relating to trespassing and ‘rioting’ on Jan 6, have released most, if not all, Biden supporters while keeping most, if not all, Trump supporters behind bars for no other reason than they pose a risk to society for talking about election fraud.

Forget about the fact that people like John Sullivan, who is a known Left-wing protester and repeat offender, has been released on his own recognizance after his participation in the riots that day. He and his Left-wing friends have been absolved of any wrongdoing because he represents a violent Left-wing militia that supports Joe Biden. currently redirects to

It might not be ‘false arrest’ although it is obviously ‘selective prosecution’ and may be false imprisonment if prosecutors claim the suspect is being held for a reason other than what he was arrested for - trespassing - while that reason for imprisonment - talking about election fraud - is not illegal, or at least was not up to this point.

But the ‘more equitable’ party of ‘my truth’ now makes up laws as they go along now that they are in charge.

What is also interesting about this juxtaposition of tyranny is that a woke public defender will often cite, ‘the only reason my black client is in jail is because he is poor and cannot afford bail.’ Ignoring why the actual criminal is in the court room in the first place - robbery, murder, carjacking, etc.

However, the same woke mob that now finds themselves on the prosecution end is arresting white Trump supporters for low-level offenses and then imprisoning them for reasons other than what they were arrested for, without bail. The only reason these people are in jail, according to prosecutors, is because they were exercising their constitutional rights and the Left-wing government just did not like what they were saying. They openly admit this.

5/29/2021 - As the Big Lie About Sicknick Persists, Alleged Attackers Languish in Jail_AMGREATNESS


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