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Systemic Racism Oppression Poverty - Notes response to post on IDW Community

Title of original piece posted at this link (not written by me):

Systemic Racism or Systemic Oppression of Poverty

This is a good piece and you sound like a smart person so I hope you write more of them.

The differences between equity and equality as well as the general human nature attached to life circumstances do not necessarily dictate that there is any evidence of oppression.

The Left is generally disgusted by the reality of human nature. This is why they make excuses for 'marginalized' groups. They pretend to advocate on behalf of these groups to 'subvert' the system in some way in order to gain access to it and manipulate it and eventually gain control over it for purposes having to do with power - which they desperately crave to satisfy their own feelings of inadequacy. This is Leftism.

I was taking a grad level research class and there had been an assignment wherein I had to choose a topic and outline a research method. Living in Chicago, I decided to examine the correlation between temperature and crime. Like clockwork - the hotter it gets in the city, the more crime there is. This probably goes for any large city anywhere in urban America. When you shove this into the 'woke' machine - Leftists will 'conflate' obscure things that do not coexist in a normal cause and effect relationship and use one act to excuse another. My thesis, when rewritten and misused by leftists tuns into - 'higher temperatures cause crime.' This is obviously not true even if more crimes occur when temperatures are higher.

Language and the abuse and misuse of it seems to be the new 'craft' of journalism repurposed. For example, in most online news publications in any major city a car accident will be described as, "the vehicle he was driving crashed into..." when we know that the person driving the vehicle caused it to crash even though the article excuses the driver's involvement in the accident by wording it in such a way that it appears to be blamed on the vehicle.

The black community commits crimes at a higher rate than any other race of people. This is solely a matter of behavior. Crime is the path of least resistance. Crime is high-risk, high reward. Crime is the low-hanging fruit. Not having fathers in the home is the most commonly cited 'reason' or 'excuse' for black criminality.

There are certain things that I pick up on -

When you write: 'The corporate agenda that the politicians are paid to serve...' - That tells me right there that you are on the Left. Or maybe you are trying to figure it out which I suspect is probably the case. That is good. However, that statement is false and can only come from the position of someone on the Left every time.

Politicians control corporations because they pull the levers of regulation. It is not their duty to serve a corporation. Corporations constantly pay politicians off under the threat of regulations that could crush them. Symbiotic relationship between parasite and host.

I have heard various statistics that are alarming with regard to wealth and politics, specifically with members of Congress that make up an insanely large percentage of people who became millionaires only after becoming a member of Congress and that is not based on their salaries.

very good piece


The Left generally judges people based on how they look and the Right generally judges people based on how they act. Generally. You are on the right track. You need to compare 'inputs' and 'outputs' - The 'achievement gap' - tolerance is the unequal expectation of behavior that excuses the 'input' part of the equation. This is what is used to explain oppression. The level of expectation is lower for oppressed groups. The disparity in performance is called 'racist' or whatever 'ist' or 'ism' when the 'oppressed group' cannot achieve an equal metric.

When all encompassing behavior - the whole story - is taken into account, the merits of what produced more desirable outcomes become apparent.


I agree with 99% of what you are saying. Humor me for a minute - if welfare were not a lifestyle option, people would be more motivated to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them. The black community, in terms of percentages, has a disproportionately HIGH number of opportunities for employment and education, more than any other group. The welfare system allows people to live off the govt. 7 million people in this country ON WELFARE cannot get a job solely because they cannot pass a drug test. 'The chicken and the egg' when it comes to poverty and crime is matter of behavior and choice. When a person on welfare wants to supplement their income, they do illegal things to avoid losing their welfare benefits probably because they could lose those benefits if they show legit income. It literally does not make sense to work in some cases. This is how blue state government policies control that population. Here is where your politicians profit and benefit from keeping these people down. It is still a matter of choice for the individual. They throw them into an environment where they 'cultivate' an opportunity for them to break the law and then profit from them in that way. That circles back to your for-profit prisons. But you still need somebody on the inside to prosecute the crimes. The office of the prosecutor in any county, in my opinion, is almost solely responsible for the 'favorability' of a community.

You can look at most inner city high schools even in the worst neighborhoods in Chicago and a black student who 'earns' a high school diploma just by showing up has a better chance of getting into college for free or nearly free than does their middle-class white counterpart whose parents both work for a living. Even if the white student maintained a straight 'A' average they will most likely not receive anywhere near the monetary assistance. The black community is disproportionately privileged in this area.

There are 3 things that experts cite as being directly related to one's success in this arena - If you: 1) Don't have a child out of wedlock 2) graduate high school and 3) don't get arrested - you have a very good chance of getting out of the hood.


I agree with that as well. Corporations are made up of people - they are the system by which many people earn a living. In terms of that I think Corporations to the Right are what Unions are to the Left. Donations are legal bribes - I totally agree with that. It is either a bribe to do something now or grant a favor later on. Or just lay off the restrictions...

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