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Straight Pride Parade -

Openly celebrating and disclosing your sexual preference onto others should be considered to be sexual harassment. I have seen this a few times: You can't fire me because I am a buttigieg. You can't reprimand me because I am a buttigieg. I see posters saying: imagine being fired because of who you love. Suggesting that you cannot fire or discipline someone who is gay because it could be considered a hate crime or at least discrimination.

In an era of inclusively, is it time for the Pride parade to ALSO celebrate heterosexuality?

In its 50 year run, the Pride parade has been a way to highlight the struggles, improve self-esteem, and celebrate the growing equality of gays and lesbians (with trans people rights still being negotiated). Now that all people share equality the benefits and challenges of marriage, the parade seems to have evolved into a way for corporations to virtue signal and for people to celebrate the joys of sexuality in all its varied manifestations - except heterosexuality.

The LGBTx struggle has been hard fought with claims of homophobia on one side and claims of violating God's law on the other. However, once the Marriage Equality Act of 2015 was passed and the "Gay Marriage Armageddon" did not transpire, it is surprising to see how little residual resentment from the resistance remains. Is there room in the Pride parade to acknowledge straight people for this or would this be a slap on the face?

What do you think?

  • Straight people can only be allies to Pride/LGBTx

  • Straight people should be included in Pride/LGBTSx

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