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? - Still Report #903 - “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” Fake - ?

I believe PEZ is a 'false flag' that is true.

content is true - false attribution of authorship is also true - manipulated for the sake of creating the narrative of oppression -

the facts are true

the narrative is false and self-induced

(false attribution of authorship is also true) - two people can equally observe what is happening and have similar articulation of events.

Discredit the true and unfortunate facts about oneself by discrediting the work as a 'forgery' or 'fraudulent' document (they are different) by focusing on the NARRATIVE surrounding the document. Discredit the document by highlighting the 'motives' of bad actors in your narrative.

'He said these terrible things about us' - Shameful

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