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Stacey - An excerpt from the next fiction novel...

Ideas for Stacey Abrams' next novel:

Her mammoth breasts dripped with flop sweat by the pool. I knew she could not swim, but was comforted by knowing that blubber floats.

The gap, not the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, or the 'triangle,' but the space between her pillared teeth was like the entry to a cave that smelled like dead bodies.

According to she is the Governor of Georgia and the video above was included in her profile. Filters are amazing these days.

'My truth' is a boner-killer. I just could not do it. I quit my entire profession as a pool cleaner after this encounter. This is even after I was promised massive amounts of funding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I just couldn't understand it - shredding documents in exchange for sex with what is probably an endangered species in the country that brought us omicron just did not seem right.

"But you are not the Governor," I said while retracting my pool cleaning tool.

"Honey, I shred ballots with my teeth but I will go slow(ly) on that long pole of yours," she responded.

Jesus Christ. What a pig.

"I can sell you a Senate seat just like Rod Blagojevich tried to do just for one sweet taste of your..."


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