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Social Engineering and The Coronavirus - originally posted 3/31 - I love to say I told you so

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Arizona - If I told you the Democrat party wants to build a luxury hotel where Camelback Mountain sits and in order to do this they want to tear down the mountain; what would you say?

You can't do that. We love Camelback Mountain. There would be many reasons to protest this. However, let's suppose that building this hotel is as important to the Democrat party as is removing President Trump from office and making sure he does not win reelection in 2020. Here is what they would say: we have found that there is an element present in the geological composition of Camelback Mountain that is a known carcinogen. So, in the interest of public health and safety, we are going to have to remove the mountain. We will tear down this beloved natural landscape.

The cost of our efforts will be enormous. To pay for the project, we will build a luxury hotel on the site where Camelback Mountain now sits. It will be a government run facility. The people who currently live on and around the mountain will be first asked to leave and then forced to leave if they do not comply. Residents who already live there do so comfortably, in the highest tax bracket, so they will simply 'donate' their property so the government will not have to buy it. Or, they will face ridicule and shaming and be lumped in with the Trump supporters and climate change deniers and denied jobs and any future way of making a living.

This is the Coronavirus ladies and gentlemen. The only thing that could have derailed a Trump win in 2020 was an act of god that tanked the stock market. Myself, along with many others knew that this was coming (perhaps not this exactly, but some kind of 'event' such as this) and here it is. Why, how is it that the .01% chance that something like this could happen actually happened? And the timing... The Dems have impeccable timing with their long shot coincidences. It is just unbelievable. Truly.

Ironically, Trump is the only one who can fix this, but he will only be blamed for it. And the 'New Americans' oh yes. So stupid. So very very stupid. They bring their cultures and ignorance and lack of education and defiance toward assimilation with them. Their lack of assimilation with hygiene - the most cases of Coronavirus exist in sanctuary states, the most diverse states and states that have normalized defecation in the streets. We did not have these problems when there was no diversity in lifestyle, including hygiene. Diversity, and worse, multiculturalism, have brought many gifts to America. Far more of them bad than good.

I am an active member of the online dating sites and I am frequently and thoroughly disgusted with what I see posted by residents of the largest red state in the country - the immigrants who voluntarily came here from their shithole countries but make sure to publish their dissent for our President. Then why don't you go home?

This social experiment we are calling COVID-19 is all at YOUR expense. My expense and yours. The halving. First, we cut the value of your home in half just before Obama took office. Now, we are cutting the value of your investments in half, or more, again. Do you see? This was planned. And if you don't believe that, there is a disease every election cycle. What is different this time? The gaslighting has gone to a whole new level. The narrative is more popular than the truth. It has been my belief that the goal of Leftism is net worth equalization through various stunts such as this.

Other people's fear drives the market. Imagine if you could concoct a hysteria that affects a certain class of people and not only in theory, but in reality. Lending to people who could not afford to pay loans tanked the home values of real-life people who never missed a mortgage payment. The Left manipulates the stupid to act in a way that costs the rest of us real-life money - the white privilege tax, if you will. This will continue.

The idea that we have to tolerate how other people feel about not fitting in with our culture is insane. I head a Sunday afternoon show on AM960 The Patriot in Phoenix and a woman doing an interview explained that - yes, 70% of all international business problems, failures, unplanned errors; let's just call them 'gross incompetence' is the result of failure to communicate effectively between parties. Because different cultures communicate differently. I have already known this for at least a decade. I don't have to work in international business to know that diversity is horrible for business. It belongs in entertainment, not society. Diversity is fine for books, movies, music restaurants, museums, art, etc. NOT SOCIETY.

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