• RAZE

'So, how are we going to this?

You are going to file a police report saying that he stalked your daughter.

Won't I be filing a false police report?

I am the prosecutor. I will seal the file and he won't even be able to obtain a copy of the police report, which you will have to sign, for his own trial.

Is that legal?

I will make his other lawyer tell him that he cannot settle the civil lawsuit that you filed against him until he resolves the criminal matter pending upon him.

Is that legal?

No. But nobody will ever find out about you filing a 'false' police report because I will seal all of the files. In fact, I will make it so that his own lawyer cannot obtain a copy of the police report to even defend him, and then later I will have him entrap his own client when he tries to present the audio recording in court that confirms you filed a false police report.

Are you in?

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