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SMILE, tomorrow will be worse - why doesn't anything work?

Updated: May 19

I purchased a new laptop recently. Lenovo running Windows 10 @ $500. I could not use the machine I purchased until I 'set it up' by registering it with an e-mail address and connecting it to a WIFI network even though I never planned on connecting it to the internet. I wanted one machine that I can just write with, offline. Nope - not allowed.

This piece of crap takes an incredibly long time to boot up. Remember, it is brand new. Windows 10. The sign in screen does not appear when the OS has finished loading. The screen just displays some stupid image of a landscape that I did not select as a desktop or background image. Is it still loading or has it finished loading?

I have no idea what it going on with this POS until I start just randomly tapping keys. The touch pad does not work and the hardware for this device feels as if it came from a Cracker Jack box and will fall apart at any moment.

I do not bother trying to register for the free one week trial of Microsoft Word (Office) because I refuse to indefinitely 'rent' software that I have paid for 'in full' in the past - back when the interface was better and I could actually save my work to my own computer without being forced to share everything to 'the cloud' where it can be molested by anyone who has gone through a junior high school STEM program - the kids do not know how to read, write, think for themselves or do anything useful or constructive; but they have been trained in the art of being social justice warriors. Your tax dollars hard at work.

I spend way too much time searching the internet for word processing software that I am willing to either purchase or download for free that does not require me to store everything in the cloud. You still have to download it. There are no longer CD-ROM drives with computers that allow you to purchase a disc and install it without connecting to the internet.

The descriptions of the products are mostly lies as indicated by the reviews. There are dozens of different versions of the same open source garbage with different names. I tried a few of them and they are all bad. The interface, the features, accessing the features, there are no features. They are all a more complicated and confusing version of a simple text document. These are not really word processing programs.

The joy of writing has become an ugly chore with the barely visible fonts on a screen that makes me feel like I am going blind. The keyboard is cockeyed. When I try to type, my left palm is half-way off the platform where the keys are. Who designed this?

And now, my eye line does not line up with the position of my body in relation to the screen. So, I am not looking straight ahead, but to the right while I am typing. Why? Again, who designed this?

Ah yes - and that touch pad that does not work when you try to use it to move the cursor on the screen? It works perfectly when you do not want it to as my palm now rests on top of it when I try to align my hands with the keys on the keyboard. The keys on the keyboard are cockeyed, and so is the touch pad - but not in relation to one another.

Everything that is new is progressively worse than the version before it. Until now, I have never experienced using any computer/OS for office productivity that seems to be intentionally designed to stop me from doing what I am trying to do or make the process as annoying as possible.

Windows '95 was better than this. Windows XP was better than this. The Microsoft Office suite has become more dysfunctional and uglier than ever.

Additional note: Network profile setup for Windows 10

Proof that this atrocity designed by that asshole Bill Gates was intentionally designed to 'disrupt' the thought process of a normally functioning brain and to stifle productivity.

This is pretty much all you need to know as most people need to be able to connect their device to the internet in order for it to be useful to them in any way:

Network profile setup for Windows 10 - the settings are literally backwards when you attempt to set up your network profile - the settings you need to configure to determine how your device is seen while online:

If you select 'PUBLIC' (your settings become 'PRIVATE') - 'Your PC is hidden from other devices on the network and can't be used for printer and file sharing.' THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF 'PRIVATE'

If you select 'PRIVATE' (your settings become 'PUBLIC') - 'For a network you trust, such as at home or work. Your PC is discoverable and can be used for printer and file sharing if you set it up.' THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF 'PUBLIC'

Up is down and down is up and you are now a product of the great reset because you will not be allowed to function in society if you do not go along with it.


When you have to come up with your own 'work around' to use your own technology - the technology you pay for, which seems to prevent you from doing what it is supposed to help you do, there is a problem. Nothing works and everything is so so and so wrong that it only makes sense that this is intentional.

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