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Sights and Sounds of The Times - Episode 8 - Points of Access

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The only reason that you have, currently, to be in contact with a 'customer service' person (and I use that term very loosely) is so that they can collect and or verify your data. Have you noticed that? The only thing they really do is 'verify your data.' Because all they are now is data collectors. Pay attention. They don't actually do anything but you cannot get past that point in the 'system' without going through them.

They don't ever help you. But they do update and verify your information.

These points of access in society are held by Leftist gatekeepers - sociopaths. A lot of black people occupy these positions. If anybody has every asked you to give an example of an oxymoron: black customer service representative is the best example you can give. And everybody who has had a black customer service representative knows what I am talking about.

The problem with these people is that they now get to decide whether or not they are going to help you.

I know that everybody is familiar with a common 'black customer service' experience with their local cable company. When Barack was in office, part of the deal that he made with major cable companies is that they are going to have to hire a bunch of black people. They did. Then Mike Brown got shot and Bernie Sanders told all of them that they should just nigout. Bernie is a good reason to hate the Jews.

Black customer service representatives are now members of Congress.

Free speech does not exist anymore. You know how I know that? Because nobody, except for me, is criticizing these people to the extent which is necessary to correct the issue.

Here is a link to a collection of YouTube videos I titled: 'Top 15 Congressional Nigouts'

I encourage you to watch this video of a JUDGE literally being dragged from the courtroom after her own trial.

You know how corrupt you need to be as a judge to get dragged out of a courtroom or even end up in a courtroom on the wrong side of the bench? Black people are lowering the bar for acceptable standards.

Black customer service representatives are now members of Congress.

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